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How To Season A Cast Iron – It’s Easier Than You Think – Cast Iron Seasoning

Cast Iron Seasoning

If you have purchased your cast iron cookware recently, then it will be coated in wax or an oil coating to prevent rust. This will need to be removed before seasoning. Soak in hot, soapy water for five minutes, then wash off the soap and air dry.

After washing, slightly heat the tawa. Sprinkle salt on it and saute until golden brown. Switch off the heat. Once it cools, clean the tawa with a cloth, apply a light coating of oil and store it. This should be done when you buy a new cast iron tawa.

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Cast Iron Seasoning – Method of Seasoning

  • The vessel should come out clean. If the vessel is clean enough in a day or two, then you can proceed with the next step.
  • Heat the vessel in low flame.
  • Add castor oil or any vegetable oil, say 2 to 3 tsp to it and spread it evenly to cover all over the vessel.
  • Wad up a paper towel and spread the oil across the cooking surface, any bare iron surfaces, and the bottom of the cookware.
  • Turn on the burner and heat until smoke starts to appear. If using an electric stove, heat slowly as hot spots can crack the cast iron.
  • Cover the cookware and turn off the heat. Leave until cooled before placing in storage.

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After Cooking

  • Try to heat oil in the pan after every use for a brief minute and then wipe it off until the pan is seasoned.
  • You should not wash your cast iron dosa pan with soap. It’s abrasive. Just put some oil and heat it (repeat 2 times) and let it rest overnight.
  • In the morning, heat the Kadai, use a tissue to wipe off the oil and do dosas. It should come ok. After every use, just wipe it and keep it.
  • You should not wash your pan with soap after every single use. Washing with soap will take off the seasoning !

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Cast Iron Seasoning

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