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Jammed Finger: 5 Natural Ways To Magically Heal A Jammed Finger

Jammed Finger

Did you slam the cupboard door against your finger? Or did you hurt the tip of your finger while playing volleyball? These instances are the perfect examples of injuries that can lead to a jammed finger. A jammed finger is a common sports injury that is not of much concern. However, leaving it untreated can increase the risk of prolonged swelling and stiffness that may last for months. Keep reading to know more about a jammed finger and how its symptoms can be treated right at home.

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What Is A Jammed Finger?

A jammed finger is a common occurrence that causes the tip of your finger to be pushed back toward your hand. The force of the impact can cause your ligaments (bands of connective tissues that hold your bones together) to stretch or tear, thereby resulting in a sprain. This may damage your tendon or even cause a fracture. If your finger isn’t fractured by this impact, it can become swollen and painful. It can be difficult to tell if your finger is broken or jammed. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here’s how you can differentiate between the two.

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Signs And Symptoms – Jammed Finger Vs. Broken Finger

Jammed Finger

The signs and symptoms of a jammed finger include:

  • Pain in the affected finger
  • Difficulty in using the jammed finger to hold anything
  • Inflammatory symptoms like redness and swelling in the injured finger

Broken Finger

The symptoms exhibited by a broken finger are: