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Coffee Varieties – Have a cuppa,which suits your emotional and physical needs

Coffee Varieties and Types – Taste of Coffee

Drinking-Coffee - cofee varities

Good coffee….. is coffee is a great beverage ,great coffee or good coffee said that it is about the combination of many factors including the flavour,aroma and the colour.  A good result happens when all these elements are correct form growing to grinding.  People looking at the menu in a coffee house most people have no idea about the different coffees difference between espresso or cappuccino

Have you ever notices how your mood determines the type of beverage you need at that time of the day?.  With a variety of teas and coffees on offer,it is time to choose the right blend apart from the standard brew. Have a cuppa,which suits your emotional and physical needs

Below coffee list will help you  decide what is best for your palate

Black Coffee – When you want to extend your day

 Coffee served with no milk - Black coffeeblack-coffee-natureloc extent your day

Coffee served with no milk – Black coffee

When you’re feeling exhausted, stressed and yet want to extend your day to finish off with pending work,get your self a plain black coffee,with no sugar,milk or additional flavouring.  Black coffee strictly means business

Cappuccino – Your after dinner fix

cappuccino coffee your after dinner fix

Skip the desser and get your self a cappuccino.  With its dairy and sugar content,it is appropriate as an after-dinner digestive too.This coffee types usually consists of equal parts of frothed milk,steamed milk,espresso.  All these tastes maked more diluted and weaker.  All coffee shops will make some small variance like  sprinkle cinnamon or flaked chocolate on top ….

Mocha Latte – To indulge your sweet tooth

Coffee varities list of coffees

When you want a sugary treat,just go in for a mocha latte laced with hot chocolate.  A tasty drink,it will give you a caffeine boost

Espresso – When you are dead tired

An espresso will get you moving and is for those who have to rush to work or classes early morning.  The strong flavour is necessary to wake you up and started.  It is not for those who aren’t regular coffee drinkers.  You can add milk to tone down the taste if necessary

Chocolate chip Frappuccino When you are feeling relaxed and cheerful

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The chocolate chip frappuccino is for those feeling carefree and at peace.  Using chocolate chips and sweetened whipped cream,this mocha flavoured beverage is a delicious,coffee flavoured drink

Iced coffee – When you need to feel refreshed

Just sit down in your favourite corner and sip on the classic iced coffee when you are feeling rushed or stressed.  It will refresh you while also giving you much needed caffeine-fix

Iced coffee need to feel refreshed natureloc

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