Ambazhanga (Hog Plum) – A popular sour fruit

Ambazhanga  (Ambaya ,Wild Mango or Hog Plum)

Ambazhanga – Hog Plum (അമ്പഴങ്ങ) is one of a special type of plum grown in Kerala. These green coloured fruit in its raw form is commonly used in making pickles and as a souring agent in various dishes. The sour flavour of hog plum or Ambazhanga is similar to that of fresh raw mangoes.


Ambazhanga A popular sour fruit

Ambazhanga – Hog Plum-Excellent source of Vitamin C and Iron .  Amtekai or Indian Hog plums are part of the genus Spondias and are related to the family Anacardiaceae. This fruit is green and looks almost like a tiny little green mango. They have a slightly elongated shape with a large pit inside.The pit itself is soft and edible when the fruit is tender making it a delicious snack.


When the fruit matures fully, the pit gets hard and fibrous and is no longer edible. They are sweet, slightly juicy but still pretty sour when they get soft and ripe. Hog Plums taste very different from mangoes and its unique taste will never be forgotten by anybody who tastes it once

The parts like fruits, leaves and barks are used for various treatments. The juice of
both the fruit and the leaves is used to treat earache, the bark is recommended for stomach
ache, dysentery, rheumatism and swollen joints.In tribal medicine roots are used for regulating

Ambazhanga Nutritional and medicinal benefits

Rich in Vitamin C and Iron

In 100gm hog plum fruit has

  • 90% of plum is water contains sufficient amount of pectin fibre and anti-oxidants
  • 4-5% carbohydrate
  • 10.28 mg Vitamin C and 20 mg Vitamin C
  • 36 mg calcium
  • 4 mg iron
  • 270 micro gram carotene

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