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  • ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away.’ Is it really true? Have a look at the benefits of eating apple

‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away.’ Is it really true? Have a look at the benefits of eating apple


'An apple a day keeps the doctor away.' Is it really true. If so what are the reasons.

Apple belongs to the category of fruits which are cultivated and consumed all over the world. Apart from it sweet, fruity and fresh taste, it is known to have numerous health benefits.

As you have all heard about a saying ‘ An apple a day keeps the doctor away‘ speaks the volume of the beneficial health qualities possessed by apple. From ancient times, apple have been cultivated across Europe and Asia. Historians has found that ancient civilizations like Romans, Greeks and Nordic tribes have signs of having apple in their dietary habits. These nutritious and healthier fruit is one of the natural source of essential proteins and antioxidants.

Health benefits of apple

Apple exist in three main colours like green, yellow and red. Apple has a thin as well as sturdy skin covering the thick and juicy flesh. As the fruit ripe, the flesh becomes soft and exhibits a sweet taste. The seeds are placed inside the flesh in the central portion of the apple. The skin and the flesh inside are rich in nutrients and antioxidants. Raw apples can be included in your daily diet. It can also be used as an ingredient in many dishes like custards and fruit salads.

As you have seen, apple is a sweet and healthier choice among many of the fruit varieties. Have a look at some of the essential health qualities as well as benefits of eating apple.

Aids in digestion

Apple is known to have high fibre content and thus apple consumption can initiate smooth bowel moments. Having more nutritious fibres in your diet can help to reduce constipation and other stomach disorders. Diets rich in fibre content can add bulk to the stool and promotes smooth movement of the food materials through the digestive tract. Including apple in your diet can influence the production of gastric and digestive secretion to ensure the efficient absorption of nutrients. Apple consumption can influence the functioning of bacterias inside the large intestines. It can also play a role in nutrient uptake and the elimination of unwanted bacteria and toxins.

Helps to manage diabetes

How to control blood sugar?? This is the major concern of diabetic patients. The presence of polyphenols in apples can reduce the absorption of carbohydrates by the body. This will ultimately reduce the high-end fluctuations in the blood sugar readings. Polyphenols present in apple can also reduce the uptake of glucose through the digestive tract and initiate the secretion of more insulin from pancreas. Thus the essential nutrients present in apple can have serious effects in reducing high blood sugar level. Including apple in the your diet can thus helps in reducing the blood sugar level and increase the insulin secretions.

apple pieces
Can reduce respiratory problems

The respiratory system of our body is prone to inflammations and this can be the reasons for many of the respiratory conditions. Asthma can be grouped into such a situation. The anti-inflammatory properties of apple can help with the reduction of inflammations and thereby inhibits respiratory diseases like asthma. Apple consumption can influence better lungs function, most probably because of the presence of an antioxidant called quercetin in the apple skin.

Helps to maintain a healthy blood cholesterol level

Apple also can play a role in lowering the cholesterol levels, thus influence in maintaining a healthy cardiovascular system. The presence of a soluble fibre called pectin in the apple can prevent the cholesterol build up in the walls of blood vessels. This can ultimately play a major role in preventing atherosclerosis and heart disease. Polyphenols and antioxidants can reduce the oxidation of LDL cholesterols thereby decreases the chance for cardiovascular diseases.