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Are you taking enough water everyday? Whats the benefit of drinking water?


Are you taking enough water everyday? Whats the benefit of drinking water?

As we all know, water is a main component of our human body. Water consumption is a routine process which offers numerous benefits to our body.

All living things in this world requires adequate amount of water to survive. Water constitutes more than half of our body weight. Metabolic activities of our body requires water to perform. It’s been a known fact that about 55 to 75 percent of our body is made of water. Our body continuously losses water through skin, urine, stools and even breathing, this loss of water must be compensated with the adequate intake of water and hence, drinking sufficient water is considered as an important factor for a healthy body.

Benefits of drinking water

Dehydration occurs when the outflow of water from the body is more than water consumption. Proper kidney function is influenced by adequate water intake, decrease in water consumption can inhibit the kidney function and this in turn will act as a catalyst for various health problems.

Water needs of each person can vary according to many of the factors like the place they live, the work they do and the environmental conditions.  Lets have a look at some of the benefits of drinking water.

Can balance the body fluids

Medical experts from all over the world agrees to the mere fact that, the proper functioning of the respiratory, circulatory, excretory and nervous systems depends heavily on the presence of adequate water in the body. So for maintaining a healthy body, drinking sufficient quantity of water is of utmost importance. When the fluid level in your body reduces a certain stage, the brain triggers the thirst mechanism so that we would drink water or other fluids.

Helps in energizing muscles

Drinking necessary quantity of water will help to energize your muscles. When you exercise, your muscles cells needs to perform in an optimal level for you to get the desired results. Muscle cells require an adequate supply of fluids for optimal performance. So for the proper functioning of the muscles, it is advisable to take recommended quantity of water before 2 hours of exercise. Once you start your exercise you will need to drink water during the intervals, lack of fluid and electrolytes supply to the muscles leads to muscle fatigue. Having recommended quantities of water before the exercise will make your muscles work longer and harder before getting tired. Thus having sufficient amount water will influence the muscle functions.

Benefits of drinking water


Drinking water promotes weight loss

People with overweight might think of many ideas to loose weight. But what about drinking recommended quantity of water everyday? Does the intake of water have any influence in weight loss?

According to some of the studies, drinking water will help to suppress your appetite. This will ultimately reduce your food intake. Also if you can substitute high calorie drinks with water, definitely aids in our weight-loss strategy. Reducing soda intake also adds up to the equations. Cutting back and eliminating soda consumption and substituting it with water can help in reducing the calorie intake. Taking one or two glass of water before a meal can help you feel full and promotes eating less calories. Thus taking more water before meals can aid in burning stored calories in the body and this ultimately help in weight loss.

Essential for proper skin

Proper hydration is required for a better skin. Dehydration can be the cause of dry, cracked and wrinkled skin. Drinking sufficient water will help in maintaining a healthy skin. Water loss from the body should be compensated with the daily intake of 8 to 9 cups of water. Lack of water consumption can act as a catalyst for the cause of skin disorders like eczema and psoriasis. Consumption of alcohol and caffeine rich drinks may cause skin dryness. Sufficient fluid presence in the body helps in skin replenishment and maintains the elasticity of the skin.