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Are you aware of the health benefits of mushrooms? What are its qualities?


Are you aware of the health benefits of mushrooms

All of us have seen mushrooms. What do we know about them? Are they good enough for our dietary uses? Let’s have a look at the health qualities of mushrooms

Mushrooms possess several beneficial health qualities. They are a collective natural source of vitamins, minerals, antibiotics, antioxidants and amino acids. Its family name is ‘Agaricus‘. They are neither a fruit nor a vegetable. They are a special type of edible fungi and have many different names. Mushrooms do not have chlorophyll and belongs to the category of saprophytes. Saprophytes are organism which takes nutrients from dead and decaying plants or animal matter. Mushrooms differ in their texture, shape, colour and properties.

Button or champignon mushroom isolated on white


Mushrooms are often referred as functional foods, as they are low in cholesterol, fat, sodium and calories. Due to the presence of antioxidants and healthy dietary fibres such as beta-glucans and chitin they can be useful enough to prevent chronic diseases.

Mushrooms are also known to be a rich source of vitamin B and vitamin D. It is also known for the presence of choline, which is an essential nutrient required for memory, muscle movement, sleep and learning.


Strengthens the immune system

The presence of a healthy immune system protects us from a variety of disease causing pathogens. Powerful antioxidants presence in mushrooms helps in boosting the immune system. It helps to eradicate free radicals released during the metabolic process of cells. The essential elements in mushroom decrease microbial growth and fungal infections. It can play a key role in stimulating the whole body immune system. The rich presence of vitamin A, B-Complex and C magnifies the strength of the immune system. The antibiotic presence in mushrooms can help to prevent fungal infection and microbial growth.

Helps to control diabetes

Mushrooms can be an advisable low energy diet for diabetes. The minimal presence of cholesterol, fats and carbohydrates are also a peculiar feature of mushrooms. Abundance of proteins, vitamins and minerals in mushrooms have a positive effect on controlling diabetes. The presence of natural insulin and enzymes helps in the breakdown of sugar or starch. The essential compounds in mushrooms help in the proper functioning of pancreas, liver and other endocrine glands, thereby regulating the formation of insulin and its proper balance throughout the body.

Mushrooms cultivation


Effective in weight management

As you all know very well that a lean protein diet is required for losing fat and building a healthy body. Fats are mostly burned for the digestion of proteins present in our food. Mushrooms contain proteins and fibres with low percentage of carbohydrates and fats. This ideally can play a key role in reducing the body weight by burning the stored up fat. As they are a highly nutrient rich diet, mushrooms are more advisable than fruits and vegetables. It is often considered as one of the rare food item that people can consume without many side effects.


Promotes bone health and useful against anaemia

The calcium content in mushrooms can be helpful in promoting bone strength. Conditions like osteoporosis can be reduced with the intake of calcium rich diets. Mushroom consumption may have a positive effect on joint pains. Bone degradation caused with lack of movements can be controlled with mushroom diets.

Anaemia caused with the deficiency of iron in the blood stream can initiate fatigue, headaches, minimal neural function and various digestive issues. However mushrooms can be a good source of iron, which in turn promotes the formation of red blood cells and diminishes the existence of adverse conditions due to the deficiency of iron.

Facts to take care while using mushrooms

Many of the species of mushrooms are not edible. They are poisonous and similar in appearance with the edible ones. You must have a genuine idea about the edible species while selecting mushrooms for consumption. Mushrooms are known to have a unique ability to absorb the host material in which they grow on, it may be good or bad. This quality is responsible for their health benefits as well as harmful effects.

Always select sealed products from known or reputed companies. Even a single peace of poisonous mushroom among the good ones can cause severe health issues like vomiting, cramps, nausea, convulsions and also may result in coma. Always discard the discoloured ones and be very selective in using mushrooms.