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Lotus Seeds (Makhana/Gorgon Nut) – Nutritionally distinct from nuts and seeds

Lotus Seeds (Makhana/Gorgon Nut) – Herbal Healer

Little known dicotyledonous lotus seeds (Nelumbo nucifera Gaertn.) can play a significant role due to their edibility and medicinal properties. Nutritionally lotus seeds are rich in proteins (10.6-14.8%) and essential minerals . Lotus seeds are in high demand in Ayurvedic medicinal preparations and widely used in folk medicines to treat tissue inflammation, cancer, diuretics , skin diseases and as the poison antidote.

Lotus seeds

Makhana small seeds are found inside the seed pods of Lotus

The scientific name for the lotus plants from which these seeds are mainly collected is Nelumbonucifera.These small seeds are found inside the seed pods of Lotus. Each pod contains an average of 20 seeds with each seed being surrounded by a shell. This shell turns quite hard when the seed dry.

  • Size: The size of these seeds varies between 0.30 inch and 0.90 inches.
  • Shape: Their shape varies from round to oval.
  • Color: Fresh seeds are green turning cream or yellow when dried.
  • Taste: Fresh, ripe seeds of lotus tastes much like fresh (non-dried) hazelnuts.

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Interesting facts about Lotus – Seeds (Makhana/Gorgon Nut)  to health, nutritional facts

Fresh lotus seeds

The Lotus Nuts (Makhana)  have many edible as well as medicinal uses. They are considered to be a sort of health food in many countries. These seeds are also used for various culinary purposes.As a protein source, lotus seeds are relatively good, with a one ounce serving (of dried seeds) providing 5 grams. Lotus seeds are low in fibre.

Lotus Nuts (Makhana)  helpful in diarrhea

As it contains the high amount of astringent properties  is helpful in stopping chronic diarrhea

Their low sodium and high magnesium content make them for those suffering from heart disease, diabetes , high blood pressure and obesity.These seeds are rich in many major nutrients including proteins, fats, iron, some starches, magnesium, zinc, and calcium. They are highly beneficial for the heart, kidney, and spleens.Their calming qualities are beneficial for hypertension and irritability.These seeds have anti-aging properties as they contain the enzyme called L-isoaspartyl methyltransferase

How to consume and how to keep Lotus Nuts (Makhana)?

It can store the dried seeds in airtight plastic containers in a cool and dry place away from sunlight. Fresh Lotus Seeds can be stored for a week when kept under refrigeration in dry zip-lock bags.

  • Dried lotus seeds can be soaked in water overweight prior to use.They can be added directly to soups, salads or used in other dishes.
  • Puffed seeds (makhana) are used in kheers, curries, puddings and as a dry-roasted snack.These could be one of the options as healthy office snacks!

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Cooking Recipes of Lotus Nuts