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Are you using Moringa leaves in your diet? What is its medicinal qualities?


Are you using Moringa leaves in your diet. What is its medicinal qualities.

Moringa tree leaves can have many beneficial health qualities. It is commonly called by the names ‘drumstick tree‘ and ‘horseradish tree‘. In Kerala this tree is known as ‘Muringa‘.

Drumstick tree is native to India however, it is also grown all around the world and naturalized in many locals. It is believed that the name Moringa is derived from the tamil word ‘Murungai‘. Dried leaves of moringa trees retains high level of vitamins and minerals. These died leaves are powdered and used as a condiment in many of the dishes. The leaves can also be cooked and used like spinach.

Moringa leaves

Due to its unique taste and texture drumsticks are an important ingredient in delicious South Indian sambar. Many of the scientific studies reveal that moriga leaves contains specific antioxidants and health promoting materials that can offer palliatives to hunger, malnutrition and diseases.
Drumstick trees can reach up to a height of 9m. They have peculiar corky gray barks, branching and fern like leaves. White coloured flowers and long bean like seed nods are unique features of this tree. South Indian cuisines make use of its seed pods as vegetables.

Aids in weight loss

Since moringa leaves are low in fats and rich in nutrients, it can be an acceptable ingredient in your diet for weight loss. High vitamin B1, B2 and B3 presence in these leaves aids in digestion and convertion of food in to energy. Drumstick leaves are packed with many nutrients, it can be used an alternative for higher calorie foods. Consumption of moringa leaves can provide us with the recommended daily requirement of proteins and calcium. Thus the intake of raw or cooked drumstick leaves can aid in weight loss.

Drumstick leaves

Improves eye sight

In this digital world more section of people are suffering from eye problems. Irrespective of age, people are experiencing vision related ailments. This might be due to the lack of natural beta carotene intake. This nutrient is essential for proper vision and eyesight. Moringa leaves are known for the presence of these natural nutrients. Consuming adequate beta carotene through your diet can help with your eye sight. Studies shows that drumstick leaves have 4 times the beta carotene content than carrots. Moreover the vitamin A presence in Moringa leaves can play a key part in improving your eye sight.


Reduces stomach disorders

The presence of isothiocyanates in drumstick leaves can help with the treatment of abdorminal disorders like gastritis, ulcerative colitis and constipation. Including these leaves in your diet can reduce ulceration and the efficacy in curing ulcerative colitis. The antibacterial and antibiotic qualities of moringa leaves can curtail the growth of various pathogens. The essential nutrients present in Moringa leaves helps with digestion of food materials.