Asafoetida-Kayam Spice for Indian Cusine

Asafoetida -Kayam Spice for Indian Cusine

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Asafoetida (Botanical name: Ferula Asafoetida) is obtained chiefly from plant Ferula asafetida.It is a perennial herb and is also known as devil’s dung, giant fennel, stinking gum, or hing. Asafoetida used part is Oleo-gum Resin from rhizome and thickened root. Asafoetida are two main varieties of asafoetida ie. Milky white asafoetida – Hing Kabuli Sufaid and Red asafoetida -Hing Lal. Asafoetida is acrid and bitter in taste and emits a strong disagreeable pungent odour due to the presence of sulphur compounds therein. Asafoetida powder, is a crucial ingredient in Indian vegetarian cooking.

Asafoetida- Kayam is popular ingredient in Indian cusine.It is a distinctive and pungent spice Asafoetida is extensively used for flavouring curries, sauces, and pickles. It is also used in medicines because of its antibiotic properties.

Asafoetida Home Remedies -Medicinal uses Health benefits

asafoetida-asafoetida powder

  • A pinch of asafoetida dissolved in water can be taken before going bed for any indigestion problem.
    Grind asafoetida, rock salt, small harad and caraway seeds in equal amounts. Taken 3 spoonfuls thrice a day relieves dyspepsia.
  • Fried asafoetida is good in treating disorders of stomach.
    Hingvashtak Churna – ingredients: ginger, black pepper, long pepper, seeds of ajowan, cumin seeds, seeds of black cumin, rock salt, and asfoetida) should be taken in the dose of 2 tsp along with butter milk or warm water. This cure gas distension, acts as digestive and appetizer.
  • Asafoetida is helpful in curing of asthma, bronchitis, common cold and other respiratory problems.
  • A good remedy for whooping cough and stomach ache caused due to gas.
  • Dissolve powdered asafoetida in buttermilk and temper with curry leaves. It acts as a digestive aid.

Culinary uses

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  • Asafoetida is extensively used for flavouring curries, sauces, and pickles
  • It is used commonly in Indian cuisine for flavouring.In India cuisine, it is normally not combined with garlic or onion, but is seen as an alternative or substitute for them
  • The Tamil (South Indian) spice mixture ‘sambaar podi’ frequently contains asafoetida.
  • It compliments most commonly-used Indian vegetables: potatoes, onions, cauliflower, peas, and quick-cooking greens.
  • Asafoetida is best used as a background note for other complimentary spices, like cumin, mustard seeds, dried chiles, curry leaves, ginger, and garlic
  • A common culinary herb, asafoetida is used for flavouring spicy curries, sauces, chutneys, pickles and stir-fries.