Barley Water For Weight Loss | How Does Barley Water Help ?

Barley Water For Weight Loss

Barley Water For Weight Loss

Trying to lose weight is everyday battle between all the processed and junk foods you have to quit and let in all the healthy foods. It’s not easy to lose weight, it can be strenuous task. You need to regularly follow the strict fitness plan and eat a healthy diet. Barley water is effective in cutting your belly fat. Barley is rich in fibre and is usually served as a substitute for rice and comes under the category of whole grains like oats and wheat. These fibre rich whole grains helps to shed weight. Must nutritional experts recommend you to drink a glassful of barley water which is effective for weight loss.

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Barley helps in lowering your cholesterol levels in the body, due to the beta glucan it contains. It has soluble fibre which helps to fight cholesterol. Consume barley to flush out toxins from the body and the intestines through the urinary tract. It also acts as a diuretic, making it a natural remedy for the urinary infections and kidney stones. Barley water aids in weight loss as it controls the blood sugar levels due to its low glycaemic index value. Furthermore, it detoxifies body and cleanses the gut, keeping us healthy and fit.

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Barley Water For Weight Loss

Avoid Junk Food

Barley water is rich in fibre which helps to keep your stomach full for a longer time, which further prevents you from trying out junk food from outside. Fuller stomach and lesser carvings will help you from weight loss. You can consume barley grass juice as an alternative for weight loss.

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Maintains Good Digestive System

Again the fibre content present in the barley water ensures smooth bowel movement by cleansing your digestive health. A glass full of barley water keeps your digestive system strong. In Ayurveda, this is considered to be a digestive tonic which helps in facilitating digestive process, furthermore improving stomach ailments like constipation or diarrhoea.

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Calorie Count

Soak and strain barley in water, the calorie count will then automatically drop down. Start consuming healthy drink like barley instead of carbonated drinks like cola and see how much wonders it can do to your body.

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How To Make Barley Water For Weight Loss

You can make your own barley water at home. Select some pearled barley which is effective for weight loss. Given below is a simple and a quick recipe on how to make barley water at home.

  1. In a vessel, add some barley pearls and bring to boil until they turn soft. Ensure that you add 3 volumes of water to one volume of barley as it tends to soak the water.
  2. Strain and collect water. Repeat this procedure until you don’t find any residue in it.
  3. If you don’t like the taste of barley water, add some juice of orange or lemon or add a sweetener such as honey.
  4. Add some cinnamon stick or ginger to get some flavour to the water. All these ingredients help in speeding up the process of shedding weight.
  5. Store the barley water in refrigerator for longer lifetime.
  6. Boil some barley pearls until they turn soft; make sure you add three volumes of water to one volume of barley as it tends to soak water.
  7. Now, strain and collect the water. Repeat till you don’t find any residue in the water.
  8. If you find the taste of barley water not-so-appealing, we suggest you to add a dash of orange or lemon juice or honey to it. You could also add cinnamon stick to it or ginger to add some flavour to the water. All these condiments are said to help fasten the process of losing weight.
  9. If you want to sweeten it, go ahead and add a teaspoonful of brown sugar as it is less processed and may not make you gain weight.
  10. Store the barley water in refrigerator to make it last longer.

Add barley water to your daily diet along with exercises and a healthy diet to lose weight, the healthy way!

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