Beyond Sweetening…The sweeteners -Jaggery-Honey-White Sugar

The sweetners : Jaggery-Honey-White Sugar -The sweetners contain mainly the simple carbohydrates

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White sugar : White sugar has only calories and carbohydrates.Sugar (sucrose) is a natural carbohydrate,found in fruits and vegetables. All green plants manufacture sugar through photosynthesis,the process by which plants generate energy and food reserves from sunlight. Just as sugar plays a vital role in the growth and life cycle of plants, it is an important ingredient in our food supply. While all fruits and vegetables produce sugar, the sugar cane and sugar beet plants contain the most accessible stores of sucros. Sugar plays an important part in making good foods taste even better and has many functional attributes in food preparation. In addition to its role as a flavor enhancer, sugar can act as a preservative, a bulking agent, a balancing agent, and a fermentation aid. It is sugar that helps bread to rise, heightens flavor and preserves fruit in jams and jellies, provides  smooth texture to candies and sauces, and balances the tart flavors of other ingredients in many main dish recipes

What to look when you are a buying sugar,it is better to buy large crystal sugars,as smaller crystal sugars are easy to get adultered.  Larger crystal sugar are purer even though they take longer to dissolve.

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Jaggery -A traditional Indian Sweetner

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  • The main contribution of jaggery is to provide energy
  • It contains a small amount of iron as well

Jaggery is a typical Indian product with several uses in daily food preparations and it is also used to make many sweet food preparations. This is a product with cattered market and can be manufactured in the states like Maharashtra, UP, Gujarat, Bihar, Jharkhand etc. Good (Jaggery) has several other medicinal benefits-it purifies the blood, prevents rheumatic afflictions and disorders of bile and possesses nutritive properties of high value.It treats Headache, Cough, Flatulence and Hiccups.Provides instant energy because of its sugar content.Strengthens bones etc.,

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What to look when you are a buying Light colored jaggery should be preferred.  It should be hard and granular

Honey -Natural medicine with sweet taste 

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There are four enzymes in honey which are very important for its effectiveness. Advantages of honey over other sugars are its rapid assimilation.  It is non-irritant to the lining of the digestive tract,is sedative in nature and it is easy handled by the kidneys.The human body needs numerous minerals in very small quantities to maintain mineral-balance.  Honey contains them all in almost the correct proportion


How can you tell if honey is pure ? What to look when you are a buying 

Honey is produced by bees.  Now a days it is produced and marketed industrially by farms that have artificial hives to lure in the bees.  In cool climate sometimes sucrose and glucose  begins to settle down in honey as mushy crystals.  These can be redissolved by warming

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