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Body complexion – Natural methods to improve body,facial complexion

Body complexion – Natural methods to improve  body complexion

Body complexion Many people work hard to achieve fair and flawless skin.  Dark and dull skin can be caused by overexposure to the sun, environmental pollution, a medical condition, dry skin, stress, poor lifestyle choices, and prolonged use of chemical-based cosmetic products.The market is flooded with skin-lightening creams and lotions. But such products have harmful chemicals that can ultimately damage your skin. Oftentimes the products are expensive, too.

Some people needs a quick skin fix before a party, or a wedding to look bright and beautiful. It’s not necessary to go for costly skin care products and cosmetics to achieve brighter skin. We can even brighten our skin with natural things available in our kitchen to enhance the skin colour and look beautiful.

fair skin complexion

How to Improve your skin complexion (Body complexion) -Fairness tips

Having nice skin takes more than just using the right products. You also have to take care of what you eat and do.Avoid chemical bleach to whiten your skin as it damages the skin, instead, try these home remedies to get a fair skin. Lemon, curd, honey, cucumber, raw potatoes, tomatoes are some natural products which have bleaching properties. This article will give you a few tips on how to improve your skin complexion. Step by step instructions to improve your complexion to an extent within 30 days 

Homemade-Beauty-Tips-For-Fair-Skin - white complexion

  • Grind and mix equal quantities of Rakthachandanam and Ramacham and mix in rose water to apply over the body to improve skin softness.
  • Dry powder Ramacham,Iruveli.Kasthurimanjal,Urad dal,Chickpea and Sandal in equal quantities .Mix this powder as required in water boiled with ramacham and apply over the skin.This improves skin complexion.
  • While sleeping apply Kunkumadi Thailam (3-4 drops in cotton) over the face.Wash early morning.
  • Apply olive oil (1 Tsp) + milk(Quarter cup) over the  body. After 30 minutes take a bath. Improves skin complexion
  • A mixture of Rosewater & Glycerine to apply over skin with wrinkles.
  • To remove blackish marks over neck apply mixture of
  1. 1 bunch dry black grapes
  2. Half tsp vinegar and
  3. 4 tsp rose water
  • For whitening of skin apply juice of black grapes after keeping it for fermentation
  • Drink daily night the mixture prepared with Kalkandam 1 tsp honey,1 tsp juice of dry black grapes, 1table spoon juice of Vellari  and  1 glass carrot juice. This improves skin complexion.

Wild Turmeric Powder,Red sandal Powder,Kumkumadi Thailom,Ramacham,Multani mitti,Henna Powder Available online 

How to improve Facial Complexion?

I am not going to give you loads to work this time. I have found out a few ways to brighten and polish the complexion instead of using chemical-based cosmetic products

Jyothisha Ayurvedic Fairness Oil – Miracle Fairness Oil to get glowing skin

Fairness Oil is a unique herbal formulation developed with an intention to enhance the fairness and appearance of skin through the action of rare herbal actives. The active ingredients in the oil help to clean the skin pores and fade pigmentation, black spots, and blemishes. Jyothisha Ayurvedic Skin Oil enhances the beauty and makes your skin looking vibrant, smoother and younger for a long time. (If you are an oily skinned person . After some days some pimples may develop, do not discontinue its use. Use it continues after a use of 7 days you will see the difference )

Jyothisha_Ayurvedic_Fairness_Oil body complexion

Kumkumadi Thailam – Kumkumathi Tailam -Miracle oil reduces acne ,pimple formation

  • To help skin look young and healthy
  • Kumkumadi thailam helps reduce blemishes, dark spots and lightens sun tan.
  • It has anti-ageing properties and prevents anti-fungal /anti- bacterial infections