Ashwagandha or Amukkuram -ayurvedic medicine against cancer

Ashwagandha (Amukkuram)-ayurvedic medicine against cancer

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Ashwagandha is effective for cancer treatment. Have you heard about Ashwagandha has an effective role in cancer treatment????.Cancer nowadays became a common disease in our society.Here we provide the effect of Amukkuram gainst cancer.Withaferin A (WA) can be extracted from the leaves and roots of this plant.This Withaferin A is active against cancer.Amukkuram selectively kills the cancer cells including bone, breast, lung, colon, skin, cervical, fibrosarcoma, pancreas, and brain tumours.Amukkuram is toxic to cells with high proliferation rates thus  acts as a  chemotherapeutic agent.

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How Ashwagandha or Amukkuram Effective against Cancer

  • Amurukkam acts as an antioxidant which helps in the protection of normal cells against cancer
  • Acts as pro-oxidant which attacks cancer cells

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  • Helps in enhancing chemotherapy and radiation
  • This gives protection to normal cells which  damaged from cancer treatment
  • There are some treatment-resistant cancer cells Amukkuram  stops the growth of these cells
  • The cancer cells can create new blood vessels which are cancerous this will grow and spread this is known as angiogenesis this can be prevented by Ashwagandha.
  • Amukkuram enhances some proteins which keep normal cells stable

Ashwagandha or Amukkuram for Different types of cancer

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Brain Cancer:-Glioblastoma is the most common brain tumour to treat.Here we prefer a differentiation therapy other than chemo and radiotherapy.Differentiation therapy is treating malignant cells so that they stop dividing and resume the process of maturation.Amukkuram and its components can stop differentiation in glioma cells.Its  extract used in effective glioma therapy.

Breast Cancer:-The patients who affected from breast cancer can lower fatigue by consuming Amukkuram.

Prostate Cancer:-Amukkuram is an effective chemopreventive agent to prostate cancer progression.Because this regulates genes and molecular signalling mechanisms, which are associated with immune response, inflammation, signal transduction, cell signalling, transcriptional regulation, apoptosis and cell cycle regulation.

Skin Cancer:-Antioxidant constituents and the anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory properties of Ashwagandha extract has chemopreventive action

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