Can Kerala red rice or matta rice help reduce obesity?

Kerala Red rice  or matta’ rice

The red rice (locally known as ‘matta’ rice) has much higher nutrition value and fibre content than any other rice variety found in India.  Red rice is generally consumed in the form of brown rice which the cooked rice has rather firm texture and tend to separated so that become less desirable by consumers. The polishing process can be done to improve the eating quality of red rice, but also eliminate the phenolic and anthocyanin compounds contained.

Can Kerala red rice par boiled matta rice help reduce obesity?

Yes  it is good for weight management. Compared to white rice, parboiled rice has fewer calories, fewer carbohydrates, more fibre, and more protein.  The red colour in red rice arises due to the presence of anthocyanin, which is a water-soluble pigment that has a flavour. Its nutritional value is higher when compared to other rice varieties.

Different varieties of red rice  -General characteristics of the aromatic and medicinal rices of Kerala

  • Kerala Matta rice
  • Thai red rice
  • Kerala Red Navara Rice

Gandhakasala – Duration 150-180 Days ,Straw coloured, small, round grains, aromatic with white kernel
Jeerakasala – 150-180 Days, Straw coloured, slightly longer and slender grains, aromatic with white kernel
Velumbala- 180 Days, White long slender grains, aromatic with white kernel
Chomala – 165-180Days,Small,slender reddish straw coloured grains ,Suitable for direct seeding in uplands.
Kayama – 150-180 Days ,Straw coloured , small, round grains, aromatic with white kernel
Kothampala- 120-130 Days, Small, slender, black grains with white kernel, Aromatic
Pookkilathari -130-135 Days, Small, slender, straw coloured grains, Aromatic with white kernel

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