Coconut Products – Coconut Palm Jaggery – Coconut Palm Sugar

Coconut Products – Coconut Palm Jaggery – Coconut Palm Sugar

Coconut Products –How support health and wellness of Human being.  Regular Use of Coconut can
positively change our life.  Coconut – rich in dietary fiber. Coconut kernel contains apart from oil, 5-6% protein and 7-8% dietary fiber.

  • Other reasons to include Coconut in your daily Diet
  • It boosts energy and endurance
  • It inactivates various microorganisms such as bacteria, yeast, fungi etc
  • It restores thyroid functions and increases the metabolism rate
  • It facilitates absorption of Calcium by the body


Coconut Palm Jaggery – Boiled coconut sap

The strained unfermented coconut sap is boiled, crystallized and transferred into suitable moulds to prepare jaggery. The semisolid jaggery solidifies gradually by the cooling effect of the atmosphere into a crystallized hard substance. The recovery of jaggery from syrup is 15%. It is used as a sweetening agent for the preparation of dishes and is superior to cane jaggery.

Nutritional composition of coconut palm jaggery (in 100g)
Component                                      Qty in mg
Thiamine                                                      21.00
Riboflavin                                                  432.00
Nicotinic acid                                                5.24
Ascorbic acid                                                11.00


Coconut Palm Sugar –  crystallized

The coconut palm syrup or jaggery can be crystallized to produce fine granules of sugar. Transition of coconut jaggery into a ground granule sweetener is more accepted by global markets. The recovery of palm sugar from coconut palm jaggery is 15%.

The application of this sugar is tremendous and offers huge potential owing to its most important health attributes, the low Glycemic index and the high nutrient content. It can be the most suited alternative sweetener, especially when agave sugar is being rejected owing to the high fructose content.


This alternative sugar industry is estimated to be a $1.3 billion industry and hence the market prospects are enormous. It is understood that in producing countries like Indonesia, around 50,000 MT of coconut sugar is produced per month and 6 lakh MT produced per year. The product has good local market in Indonesia.

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