Dhal and Pulses – Roll in diabetic patients

Dhal and pulses

Dhal and pulses pay a major roll a diabetic patient’s nutrition. As they are rich sources of protein and soluble fibre. As they are a boon to diabetic patients who suffer from poor nutrition and increased hunger. You can include dal pulses in all you meals as per dietician advice.

dhal pulses

Thur Dhal – Most popular dal variety used in Kerala

Thur Dhal is most popular dal variety used in Kerala. It is seen in yellow shell but, it is used only removing the shell. It is a dried pulse. Its contain high protein which helps our body as budding blocks which help the production of new cells and their good function.

Thur dhal

Dal contain low amount of fat and calorie. Hence the diabetic patients can use this daily. It contains vitamin A and  Calcium that helps to prevent bone and tooth problems. Dal and pulses are used generally in the preparation of soups, sambar and the side dishes of chappati.Moreover, the tasty parippuvada made from thur dal is the most popular snack in Kerala.

Dal contains protein which gets digested slowly. Because of this, daI helps to prevent fatigue and hunger in diabetic patient. All diabetic patient should try to include dal in their diet.

Dal – Nutritive Value

  • Calcium -335kcal
  • Protein – 22.5gm
  • Fat – `1.7gm
  • Calcium – 7.3mgm
  • Vitamin A 132 Mcg

Type 2 diabetes eating cooked pulses along with a high-fibre diet can help control long-term blood sugar levels.
Once or twice a week, soak (as needed) and cook lentils, beans or chickpeas.Using canned pulses with salt, drain and rinse to lower the sodium content by 40 %

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