Karkidakam Diet – Karkidakkam Regimens

Karkidakam Diet – Karkidakkam Regimens

Diet to be followed during karkidakam ( Karkidakam Diet ) . As per the Malayalam calendar,karkidakom is the last month of malayala masam and it falls in the month of July or August.  With the starting of karkidakm,monsoon railfall enters the final phase in Kerala

Karkidakam Diet

  • Ajamamsarayanm is recommended- to boost the immunity
  • Food prepared from old grains,wheat,yava,(purana dhanyas)
  • Yusha to be taken (seasoned vegetable soup)
  • Mastu (thair vellam) processed with sauvarchala salt.powder of pachakola (group of 5 drugs:pippali,pippalimilam,chavya,chitraka,nagaram should be used
  • On very cloudy days, food should be predominantly sour,salty,sneha dravya (ghee or oil)
  • Easily digestible food should be takenHoney is also advised in diet
  • Use of mardhika madhya (wine) and arishta madhya.  The karikidaka kanji is quite famous and is an important diet to be taken during this season

Karkidaka Kanji – Relevance of karkadaka kanji

Karkidakkam Regimens

  • Use footwear and umbrella always during this rithu
  • Use perfumes,expose clothes to fragrant fumes
  • Fumigate the house at dusk so that it will be devoid of moisture
  • Spiritual recitation is helpful in promoting the saatwika guna of mind

Karkidakam-Karkidakkam – Diet to be followed during Karkadakom


  • Excess exertions (exercise)
  • Day sleeping
  • Exposure to sun
  • Shita ahara,vihara (cold diet and regimen
  • Fish in diet
  • Avoid curd,potatoes,excess use of garlic,pulses like gram as it tend to produce abdominal discomfort

Karkidaka Kanji or Oushadha Kanji, Medicinal Porridge

How to prepare karkidaka kanji?

Karkidaka kanji is a famous dietery form of medicated preparation that is to be taken in karkidakom to boose the immunity and thereby regain the shariabhala of the individual. Kanji is the diet that is most satmya to the Keralites. Karikidaka kanji is prepared with Oushada churna and navara rice

Karkidaka kanji pack with navara rice is available on line

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