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Diabetes Management – 5 Superfoods To Manage Blood Sugar Levels

Diabetes Management

It is not easy to be cautious of everything that you put on to your plate, but if you are a diabetic, you have no choice either. Sometimes even the most ‘healthy’ foods could cause blood sugar spikes, which is why it is often said that diabetes management in no cakewalk. Diabetes is a group of metabolic conditions marked by elevated blood sugar levels. According to a study, by the year 2030 about 98 million Indians would be diabetics.

Diabetes is currently one of the most prevalent health conditions around the globe. If you are a diabetic, you must supplement your diet with fibre-rich fruits and vegetables. When it comes to Diabetes Management, there is nothing specific that you need to include, but it simply means eating the healthiest foods in moderate amounts and sticking to frequent mealtimes. A study published recently said that a plant based diet may help keep risk of diabetes at bay, compared to a diet laden with red meat.

5 Superfoods For Diabetes Management

Here are list of 5 Superfoods for Diabetes Management, check them out below:

1. Sweet Potato

While potatoes are not very advisable in an ideal diabetes diet for its high-carb content, you can still experiment with its pink tuber cousin. Sweet potatoes are filled with complex carbs also known as the good carbs that do not metabolise so soon and keep your blood sugar stable. The glycaemic index of sweet potato is also lower than 55. GI is the ranking of carbohydrates present in a food depending upon how it affects your blood sugar levels. When it comes to diabetes diet, there is nothing specific that you need to include, but it simply means eating the healthiest foods in moderate amounts and sticking to frequent mealtimes. Foods that are higher on the glycemic index may cause your blood sugar to increase faster.

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Here are a few reasons why sweet potatoes may be particularly valuable in Diabetes Management:

  1. They contain a carotenoid called beta-carotene, which gives the root vegetable its notable bright orange color. This is also a source of vitamin A. And vitamin A can help promote eye health.
  2. The spuds are high in vitamin C, which helps your immune system.
  3. Good source of iron, which helps red blood cells make oxygen & transport nutrients throughout the body.
  4. These veggies provide a plant-based source of protein, which can also help keep you fuller longer and promote weight loss, in turn increasing insulin sensitivity.
  5. They are a great source of fiber, which can also encourage feelings of fullness.

2. Spinach

The lovely greens are packed with healthy fibers that help keep you full and ensure there are no abnormal blood sugar fluctuations. The GI of spinach is just 15! Being low-in calories, spinach also assists in weight management, which is a major challenge for diabetics. Spinach a diabetes superfood and recommends that you regularly include this dark green leafy non-starchy vegetable in your diet. Besides being rich in vitamins, minerals & phytochemicals, spinach possesses a low glycemic index, which means eating it will help support healthy and stable blood glucose levels.

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Spinach is exceptionally low in calories. One cup of raw spinach contains only 7 calories. The fact that spinach contains so few calories is a major benefit to persons with diabetes. This is because one of the goals of a healthy diabetes diet is to promote a healthy weight. If you are overweight, losing just 5 percent to 10 percent of your body weight can help improve your blood glucose levels as well as your blood pressure and cholesterol.

3. Chia Seeds

The super seeds are packed with fiber, zinc, iron, calcium and magnesium. High in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, chia seeds are an excellent choice for diabetics to manage blood sugar and diabetes-related ailments. You can tuck into them raw, add them to your smoothies, salads, cereals etc for a healthy plant based diet.

It was observed that consumption of chia seeds on a regular basis had good digestibility and it had a hypoglycemic effect. Chia seeds decreased post meal blood sugar levels dose dependently and also curbed appetite. Furthermore dietary chia seed supplementation can benefit in reducing blood pressure, coagulation & inflammation in type 2 diabetes.

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Here are a few reasons why chia seeds may be particularly valuable in a diabetes diet:

  1. They reduces high blood sugar levels.
  2. It is rich in Omega 3 that controls insulin levels.
  3. High fiber content in it lowers blood sugar levels.
  4. They have anti-inflammatory & anti-oxidant properties
  5. It benefits in complications of diabetes

4. Bitter Gourd

The bitter taste of the veggie may not be pleasing to everyone out there, but there is no denying the fact that bitter gourd is indeed one of the healthiest vegetables for diabetics. Scientists have revealed that bitter gourd has a few active substances that may have anti-diabetic properties. For instance, charantin, a compound found in karela, has blood glucose-lowering effect.

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Diabetes Management

Karela juice is an excellent beverage for diabetics. Bitter gourd helps regulate the blood sugar level in your body. Karela juice makes your insulin active. When your insulin is active, your sugar would be used adequately and not convert into fat, which would eventually help in weight loss too. It has a few active substances with anti-diabetic properties. One of them is charantin, which is famous for its blood glucose-lowering effect. Furthermore, it contains Polypeptide-p or p-insulin which has been shown to control diabetes naturally. These substances either work individually or together to help reduce blood sugar levels.

5. Orange

Citrus fruits are exceptional to manage blood sugar levels. Oranges are quite full of fibers too. These fibers do not easilt breakdown and stay in your system for long, enabling gradual release of sugar. Whole oranges are a better than orange juice as they contain more fiber content.

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