Diet Tips in Your 30’s -Things you should Do in Your 30’s

Things you should Do in Your 30’s

Your body reflects your life, what do you eat, do, think, feel, experience believe all of it affects your general health, along with the genes you inherit and the work you do.

Reorganise You Life -Diet Tips in Your 30’s

The one set of the 30s is a wake up call for you reset your life and to make necessary alternations to your fitness and diet routines that are consistent with your wellness standards which will last for the rest of your life.

The vulnerable Phase.

IN the 30.s work is known to be more demanding, as careers are at the peak for most.  Thus, it results in sedentary lifestyles ,stress, unhealthy eating habits and lack of leisure.  This phase also increases vulnerability to Type 2 diabetes or a number of other diseases.

Set Goals For Yourself.

If you do not do the hard work in your 30.s like set goals for yourself with the help of your doctor and monitor your  weight, you will have a hard time ahead.  Weight gain is a slippery slope -you might put on a few pounds and then some more and one day, before you know it, obesity will have already set in.

Diet tips to stay healthy during coronavirus scare

Things you should do in your 30’s

Aim for minimum of three days of physical activity in  a week, for a duration of thirty minutes.  Casual activities with friends and family don’t account for exercise.

A thorough workout means swimming, yoga, brisk walking, running or gymming, for about forty-five minutes to sixty minute for about six days in a week.  This is the ideal suggestions, you have to sweat

Start the day with filling and nutritious breakfast.  You could start the day with muesli and dried fruit such a almonds and apricots. This is filling, nutritious and will provide you with energy reserves.

Avoid sugar and don’t add it to your daily coffee or tea.  Also, stay away from aerated drinks.  If you have a sweet tooth, take an occasional bite of your favourite desert and then leave the table.  Stick to one bite!  Sign up for a dance class but do not on any crash diet.

Let your clothes be your gauge.  Ensure that you continue to fit in them and refrain from buying a larger size.  If you find that an occasional bringe has made them tighter, spend more time working out.

Health tip

Monitor your diet carefully and ditch processed foods, even though these may be convenient.  Be sensible.