Foods that will boost your metabolism

What is metabolism?

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Some people think that the metabolism is a body part or a  kind of organ, that influences digestion. Actually, the metabolism isn’t any particular body part.It’s the process by which the body converts food into energy.Hence, you’ve likely heard of the phrase metabolic process used synonymously with the term metabolism, because they both mean the same thing.

The body uses this energy to conduct a vast array of essential functions.In fact, your ability to read this page – literally – is driven by your metabolism.If you had no metabolism – that is, if you had no metabolic process that was converting food into energy then you wouldn’t be able to move.

Foods that will boost your metabolism

If your daily exercise is   not helping you to lose weight, you can consider revisiting your eating pattern and incorporating foods that will push you a little further to shed those extra kilos.  We suggest some of them.

Eggs (omega-3 and cage-free preferred)

egg bulls eye egg omlette recipes


They are said be a low calorie sources of vitamins A and D,which along with zinc and other nutrients,help your body sustain energy for a long time. A single egg is also loaded with several critical nutrients, including:
• Choline, which supports brain health and nervous system function;
• Lutein and zeaxanthin, which are potent antioxidants that fight free radicals and help prevent macular degeneration;
• Selenium
• Phosphorus
• Potassium
• And more.

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Spinach – Vitamin A (retinol) 

leafy-greens for good vision

It is said to be rich in chlorophyll,iron , fibre,and vitamins A and C.  Spinach also has more protein than any other green leafy vegetable.  It has more folate and is said to be great to up great to up your energy levels

Almonds – A Handful Can Make a Difference – A versatile tree nut

sliced badam-almonds

These nuts excellent for your metabolism for a variety of reasons.  The nutrients in them raise your metabolism and helps in reducing the waistline.  They also burn body,especially in the abdominal area.  Almonds also contains metabolism through digestion.  They contain antioxidants and amino acids that increase your metabolic burn

Plain greek yogurt – Greek yogurt is rich in multiple sources of probiotics.

Yoghurt forweightloss

Though many say that plain greek yogurt is bad for the health,it contains sodium and vital vitamins that aid in weight loss and also boosts your metabolism

Salmon – Omega 3 fatty acids – good source of lean protein and improves metabolism

salmon fish for eye health good vision

The Omega-3 fats are in the form of DHA ( Docosahexaenoic acid) which decreases your chances of putting on weight,improves brain health and fights depression.  Amino acids in salmon helps your body burn more calories

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