Garcinia cambogia – Kudampuli

Garcinia cambogia  – Kudampuli

Garcinia cambogia, also known as Malabar tamarind, and known as Garcinia, is a plant native to Southeast Asia. The dried rind has been extensively used for centuries throughout Southeast Asia as a food preservative flavoring agent and carminative, and is now popularly used as an ingredient of dietary supplements for weight loss in developed countries

Kudampuli – GarciniaCambogia – Miracle weight loss supplement

Garcinia cambogia (Family: Guttiferae) is a small or medium sized tree with a rounded crown and horizontal or drooping branches. The fruit have six to eight seeds surrounded by a succulent aril.  The fruit rind of Garcinia gummi-gutta, commonly known as Garcinia cambogia (syn.), is extensively used traditionally as a flavourant in fish curries due to its sharp sour taste. Additional ethnobotanical uses include its use as a digestive and a traditional remedy to treat bowel complaints, intestinal parasites and rheumatism.

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Traditional medicinal uses of Garcinia cambogia

The leaves and fruits are sour, astringent, thermogenic, constipating and digestive. The herbal preparations made from Garcinia rinds are used in the treatment of inflammatory ailments, for rheumatic pains and bowel complaints.

The fruit is considered to be antihelmintic and cardiotonic. The juice (sherbet) made out of the rind is used for piles, hemorrhoids, colic problems, ulcers, inflammations, treat sores,dermatitis, diarrhea, dysentery, ear infection, to facilitate digestion and to prevent over perspiration or hyper perspiration . Garciniaa natural antacid and the preparation rind, yogurt and salt is supposed to relieve gastric ulcerations and burning sensation. The Garcinia butter is useful in dysentery, diarrhea, phthisis pulmonalis and scorbutic disease.

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Kudampuli (Cambodgia)-A Natural Anti-oxidant and an effective catalyst for weight loss?How to recognize adultered kodampuli ?

Kudampuli – Kodampuli-Antiaging Activities (Garcinia cambogia)

Aging is a natural process and one of the conspicuous features is the development of wrinkles and sagging of the skin. With age, due to the action of the enzyme elastase the elasticity of the skin decreases and this gradually causes sagging. Concomitantly the levels of hyaluronic acid also decrease and this makes the skin dry and wrinkled. Exposure of skin to sun and detrimental chemicals also hasten the process of aging and wrinkling and application of antioxidant rich cosmaceuticals is known to retard the process

Kudampuli – Garciniacambogia – Malabar Tamarind

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