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Hair-Shape colour of hair-Stragiht hair or curly hair? Thick hair or fine hair?

Hair Care -Hair Shape colour of hair

How to hair care? What is the shape and colour of hair ? The Original function of hair was to keep the animal warm and afford protection. In certain animals, it was also concerned with sexual and social communication(such as the mane of the lion).In humans, however, hair tends to be primarily associated with the appearance we present to the world –it is a very convenient and yet a dramatic erotic signal : for a woman, beautiful hair is one of the most powerful weapons in her sexual armory and for a man, it is the most visible sign of his virility.

Straight hair or curly hair?-Hair-Shape colour of hair

Curly hair has a flattened cross-section while straight hair has a circular one. The basic hair form is controlled by a number of genes- but this hair form is readily altered by chemicals present in perming and straightening lotions.

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neelayamari (Indigofera tinctoria)

Thick hair or fine hair?

Except for palms, soles and lips, hair is present all over the body. In some areas, it is long, thick and dark – this is the terminal hair seen on the scalp, on the face of adults and in the axilla and pubic region of adults; some terminal hair is also present on the arms, legs and body. The hair on the rest of the skin is short, fine, light, and inconspicuous; this type of hair is called the vellus hair.

Sometimes hair which is normally supposed to be fine and inconspicuous becomes visible; for instance, terminal hair appears on the face of women in a condition called hirsutism. On the other hand, sometimes terminal hair gets converted into fine vellus hair- this happens in the all familiar baldness seen in men (androgenetic baldness).

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The hair-shape colour of hair – Colour of your hair

The colour of your hair depends on the number, size and distribution of pigment granules in the cortex and the nature of the pigment present. The granules in black, blonde and red hair are different chemically; the brown-black hair is due to eumelanin, the blonde hair contains phaeomelanin and red hair erythromelanin.


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It is thought that a number of genes influence the colour of the hair –some of these genes also influence other inherited characteristics as well; the association between hair colour and the colour of the eyes, the colour of the skin and the presence of freckles.

Though the basic colour of your hair is determined by your genes, this colour is determined by your genes, this colour is readily altered by colouring agents. it can be lightened using bleaches, highlighted by a variety of agents and darkened by several types of natural and synthetic hair-dyes.

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