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Healthy Teeth – Foods to eat healthy teeth – Foods and habits to avoid

Healthy Teeth – The adage ‘you are what you eat,’ is absolutely true in these case of your teeth and gums,as munching on starchy and sweet foods gives direct access to the bacteria and cavities to enter your teeth and cause decay.  This is turn, affects your gums.  So, here is a list of foods and habits you need to avoid or eat,if you want perfectly healthy teeth.

Healthy Teeth

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Healthy Teeth Foods and Habits to avoid

  • Retain from eating sticky foods like candies and sweets, especially the ones with refined sugar like lollipops fudge and caramel
  • Avoid foods that are high in starch like breads and potato chips as these tend to get stuck in the teeth.
  • Aerated soft drinks are loaded with sugar and the citric acid in it, makes the teeth loose and it leads to the wearing off the teeth enamel.
  • Substance like tobacco and cigarettes are a big no! Avoiding tobacco will prevent your teeth from becoming yellow and will also prevent oral cancer.
  • After smoking a cigarette people usually have the tendency to have a candy or coffee to get rid of the cigarette breath and this is turn doubles the damage caused to the teeth.
  • In order to prevent your teeth from getting stained,you should limit your drinking of warm beverages like tea and coffee.  When you drink more tea,it leaves behind stains that tend to discolour and damage your teeth’s enamel.
  • It is always advisable to brush as soon as you consume tea or coffee,as this can considerably reduce stain formation

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Foods to Include in Your Diet

When it comes  to healthy foods,leafy green vegetables to the list.  High on vitamins and full of minerals,these vegetables provide good oral care as the high calcium content in these foods promote the build-up-of enamel.

Apples are ideal for their high water and fibre content.  The saliva produced while eating apple helps to rinse all the bacteria in your mouth and this can lessen the formation of germs.  Apples also help stimulate your gums.

Carrots are full of fibre and vitamin A.  They also generate saliva in your mouth when you consume them thus,helping to reduce the formation of germs and cavities

Fruits like oranges,kiwis and strawberries are very rich in vitamin C or citric acid.  This helps toughen blood vessels while promoting healthy gums.  Vitamin C also produces a protein called collagen which fights periodontal diseases.  Without citric acid,there will be an increase in the sensitivity of the teeth,causing an increased formation of bacteria.

Apple cider vinegar helps to make your teeth look sparkling white and also tries and fights tooth decay,significantly reducing infection of the gums

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