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Home made pickles or factory made pickles – which type of achar should you buy ?

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Home made pickles vs factory made pickles or achars

Pickles or commonly known as achars are always regarded as a great taste booster to our regular diet, be it breakfast, lunch or dinner. We all relish the great taste of those pickles made by our grandmothers at home. But with evolution of nuclear families, job and city centric relocations in life we slowly migrated to factory made and ready to use food preparations especially for pickles. There has been a lot of discussion for long on whether pickles are healthy for consumption. Now with consumers becoming more health conscious the debate have shifted to which type of pickles should you prefer – home made pickles or factory made pickles ?

Ever wondered why pickles or achars made at home last for couple of weeks when factory made one last for several months or years ?

Most of these factory made pickles have to move through various channels like distributors and retailers for several days and months before they reach and is used by the final end customer.  Hence they are added with artificial preservatives and colourants that can improve the look and also life of the product by a couple of more months to years. By adding these chemicals, the good and natural taste of the pickles is also compromised.

Home made pickles on the other hand are made by mothers or grand mothers at home for their loved ones and also to be supplied to their friends and relatives near and far. They are obviously made with the best raw materials and spices available to them. These are for immediate consumption and do not have any preservatives or chemicals in them. They have the best taste and in no way harmful for daily consumption just like any dish or curry made at home.

Now comes the most asked question on where can I get the best home made pickles in my city. I live long away from my village and there is no way I can get home made pickles on a daily basis. This is where the role of direct to customer online ecommerce brands like NatureLoc.com comes to play.

NatureLoc.com – Pickles that are made in home kitchens and not big factories.

Brands like NatureLoc.com takes at most care and attention on the  health and well being of its customers and offer a range of homemade, 100 % natural and preservative free pickles with a shelf life of a maximum of 3 months.

Highly quality and fresh raw materials are sourced from trusted farms, for making of these pickles. Made in small batches at home kitchens with love and care, any kinds of colourants, chemicals, or preservatives are completely avoided. All their pickles are hygienically prepared with natural product enhancers like salt, dried / crushed chillies and natural coconut vinegar to maintain its freshness.

NatureLoc.com pickles are the best ones to pick from if you are looking for a healthy and tasty option compared to the ones that are cheaply available in the market.

NatureLoc.com pickles / achars are available in a wide range as below.

home made pickle

Home made Tender Mango Pickle,

Home made Cut Mango Pickle,

Home made Kaduku Mango pickle,

Home made Lemon pickle,

Puli Inji,

Vadukappuli achar,


Home made Garlic pickle,

Home made Dates and Lime pickle ,

Veppilkatti chamanthi,

Home made Jathika(nutmeg) chutney pickle

and more …….


Pickle natureloc homemade


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