Is It Safe To Have Seeds During Pregnancy?

Is It Safe To Have Seeds During Pregnancy?

Studies show that eating certain types of seeds like pomegranate, sunflower,chia, lotus or melon seeds are very good for pregnancy. Seeds have low calories and high mineral and nutrition contents like proteins and vitamins, which makes it really beneficial for both a mother and her child during the developing changes of pregnancy It is safe to consume the several types of seeds if you are not allergic to them. Be sure that you do not have any small or large allergic reactions to seeds yourself.

Be sure to buy and consume only organic seeds and not the chemically processed ones as they are healthy food for pregnancy.

Are Seeds Good For Pregnancy?

Seeds are a highly recommended snacks as for what to eat when pregnant as they keep you full without putting on unwanted weight. Various types of seeds have their own health value that is particularly essential for the developing foetus to absorb. Some seeds help in coping with symptoms of nausea or vomiting during pregnancy. Some of the seeds that you can eat also provide good immunity to the mother’s body and develop good immunity in the forming foetus.

Benefits Of Eating Seeds During Pregnancy

There are some food items that are very beneficial especially when you are expecting a baby. Enormous benefits are associated with consuming seeds during pregnancy, few are mentioned below:

  • The anti-flatulence properties of seeds provide for relaxing of the digestive tracks and prevents cramps or bloating during pregnancy.
  •  Seeds such as fennel seeds act as a natural carminative which helps in eliminating gas from the intestinal tracts.
  •  Consuming seeds helps in overall improvement of digestion during the several phases of pregnancy.

8 Amazingly Healthy Seeds To Eat During Pregnancy

Experts always stress on eating seeds for a healthy pregnancy, in fact, seeds are very good for health as they are low on calories and are packed with many vitamins and nutrients especially fatty acids.

1. Chia Seeds

Chia seeds provide a great source of protein. It also has high omega fatty acid contents. It can be had on its own or you can drink them with soaking in some water. You can also have it in the form a pudding by adding it in milk. These types of seeds help you keep fuller for a long time.

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2. Sesame Seeds

Sesame seeds are full of a variety of healthy minerals. They are rich in iron, magnesium, calcium and phosphorus. All these minerals are necessary for forming strong bones and healthy blood. And luckily natural substances are also a very good aid for healthy development of the baby’s nervous system. Sesame seeds are a good ingredient to include in a pregnancy diet but it should not be consumed daily. A handful of the seeds once a week or so should be good enough.

3. Muskmelon Seeds

If you like to eat muskmelon, you could make out the great usefulness of this amazing food during pregnancy. After eating the flesh of the muskmelon fruit, take the seeds and dry them out. Store the dried seeds in a container and snack on them whenever you get a craving. Muskmelon seeds provide with good energy without the unnecessary calories.

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4. Pumpkin Seeds

Keep away the common symptoms of nausea and vomiting pregnant women go through with a handful of pumpkin seeds on your plate. The pumpkin seeds, also being rich in protein and minerals are essential for the foetus. Such types of seeds are yet another healthy food during pregnancy to consider.

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5. Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower seeds are a must add on to the diet for a pregnant lady. Sunflower seeds are packed with iron content. It is so rich with the mineral that it can be said the sunflower seeds are a powerhouse of iron. During the third trimester of the pregnancy, these seeds are a great supplant to the developing unborn.

6. Cumin Seeds

Cumin seeds also being rich in iron have properties that help in the healthy formation of bones in a foetus. You can eat up some cumin seeds on their own or consider adding in it to your cooked meal. With its antiviral properties, the seeds are an amazingly healthy food during pregnancy. It also helps in building a strong immunity in both the mother and the child.

7. Watermelon Seeds

Watermelon itself is a good fruit to add to your pregnancy diet itself. It cools your body in a good way and keeps you fresh with its saturated water contents. But did you know that the seeds of the fruit are as beneficial for you and your little one? Watermelon seeds contain good amounts of Vitamin C and support in better iron absorption. Watermelon seeds too help in building a well-formed immunity system in the foetus. They are also believed or known to reduce stress in expecting mothers.

8. Lotus Seeds

Lotus seeds are extremely good for the development of the baby, both physically and mentally. You cannot consider skipping these amazing seeds from your diet plan as they also nourish you and your small one with calcium, phosphorus and protein. Lotus seeds can be consumed fresh or dried or both.

You can consider eating the seeds in some cakes, salads or mixes to enjoy their nutritional benefits along. Overall, we can say that the seed is a good item to snack on in the daily life during the few important months of pregnancy.