Jackfruit soup with cream and jackfruit seeds

Jackfruit soup with cream and jackfruit seeds

Jackfruit seed cream soup cooking recipes

The jackfruit, the largest of all cultivated fruits and the king fruit that originated in the rain forests of the western ghats of India.  The succulent, aromatic and flavoured fruit is eaten fresh, cooked as starchy vegetable,or preserved.  The nutritious seeds are boiled or roasted and eaten like chestnuts, added to flour for baking, or added as ingredients to cooked dishes.

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Cream of jackfruit soup  Ingredients 

jackfruit-seeds-jackfruit flour

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  • Cook the jackfruit seeds in salted water until soft, blend the seeds to smooth consistency
  • Heat the pan, add little butter allow it to met
  • Add the blended jackfruit and add seeds puree in the pn
  • Mix it and cook for 2 mins
  • Then add milk to it and allow it to cook for a while
  • Add a cream on the surface
  • Adjust the seasoning and add little lime juice
  • For the foam formation use the hand blender at last to create the foam on the top
  • Garnish the soup with thin slices of jackfruit seeds sprinkle little pepper on top and parsley leaves

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