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Kalchatty (stoneware cookware)-How to season stoneware kalchatty with rice bran?

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What is Kalchatty – Stoneware cookware? How to use kalchatty?

Kalchatty (stoneware cookware) – Kalchatti’s are cooking vessels carved out of soapstone, a naturally occurring soft stone. Thick walled and heavy, they ensure slow and even cooking. Since they are porous, heat and moisture circulate through the pot while cooking, thereby enhancing the flavours. Traditionally used on wood stoves, these can also be used on the modern gas stove. Kalchattis can be used to prepare gravies, but not for dry preparations or sauteing. The colour of Kalchatti may vary from dull grey to dark black since it’s already seasoned.

Kal chatty, made of soapstone, was used for mashing spinach as well as making Pulikaachal – the slow heat made the food tastier.

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Stoneware cookware Kalchaty stone curry pot seasoning with rice bran

  • Wash the stoneware product thoroughly with mild soap or liquid dishwasher.
  • Fully fill the stoneware utensil with rice water or rice bran water and heat it on low flame. Be careful not to use the high flame as it will damage the stoneware.
  • Wait for the water to get boiled and turn off the gas. Cover the stoneware with a lid.
  • Repeat the processes 2 and 3 for two more days and as the stoneware gets heated and cooled with rice water, the utensil gets seasoned and ready for cooking.
  • On the final day, wash the stoneware with clean water and when it’s dried, apply a layer of oil over the cookware. Now it’s ready for cooking various dishes of your choice.

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Step by steps 3 methods of stoneware cookware seasoning