Kannan Kaya Powder –  A perfect Baby Food

Baby food from Kannankaya is a healthy and nourishing alternative made especially for babies, focusing on their growth and well-being while exposing them to a world of delectable flavors. Kannankaya offers a variety of purees and mixes that are free of additives and preservatives and are made from carefully chosen organic ingredients. They are also easy on sensitive stomachs. Every jar is filled with vital vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that meet the demands of a developing infant and support a robust immune system as well as general health. Sweet potato and carrot puree or creamy avocado and banana mash—Kanankaya baby food satisfies young palates while giving parents peace of mind thanks to its strict quality and purity requirements. Nourishing your child has never been simpler or more pleasurable than with Kannankaya.

Ingredients for making Porridge with Kannan Kaya Powder

  • Four teaspoons of Kannan Kaya Powder
  • One cup of milk or water
  • Sugar for sweetness

How to prepare kannan kaya porridge ?

  • Take four teaspoons of kannan kaya powder in a cooking bowl.
  • Pour one cup of milk or drinking water, use any of them as per your choice.
  • Switch on the flame and keep it on a low medium level, stir it well and boil it to make a mixture.
  • Add some sugar for sweet taste, (for sweetening use palm sugar,kalkandam jaggery )cook it on sim.
  • Stir it well until the mixture forms a thick porridge.
  • Once it is ready, switch off the flame and allow it to cool.
  • Serve it within half an hour.

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Importance of Kannan Kaya Powder

It has a good amount of iron (which is necessary to avoid anemia) and plant-based proteins. It also contains FOS (fructo-oligosaccharide), a PREBIOTIC that can help with gut and digestive health. Better digestion, better nutritional absorption, a stronger immune system, and even possible advantages to mental health are all linked to a healthy gut flora. It aids in boosting a baby’s immunity. It is rich in potassium and other essential nutrients, easy to digest, and might not give you the cold or cough like regular bananas do. Additionally, it aids in the formation of a baby’s healthy brain.

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Porridge prepared from natural Kannan kaya powder is believed to be an ideal food for the babies. Sliced and dried raw banana or Kannan kaya is prepared from raw bananas taken from farmers who follow 100% natural farming methods. These are peeled and finely sliced to get circular shaped pieces. These dried kannan kaya pieces are ground to fine powder, which is boiled with milk and water to form nutritious porridge. This recipe is considered to be the most simple and healthy food for the babies from the age of 6 months and above.

_Sunu Joseph