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Karkkidaka Marunnukanji Churnam – Karkidakam Health Practices


Karkkidaka Marunnukanji Churnam – The peculiar month Karkidakam begins from mid-July. Karkidaka Masam is also known as the Ramayana Masam – the epic Ramayan is read in the month in homes and temples. In this solar month of Karkidakam mid-August  when the sun is in the Zodiac or cancer. This month is traditionally considered a Panja Masam or lean month. Because it is the period of incessant rain, limited mobility outside the home and hence a season of restricted means, famines and disease.

As the Kerala monsoon reaches its peak in karkidakam month, all the pores in the human body will be open and become most receptive. The Ayurvedic medicines work effectively in the body. As a result of the oil massages and the formulations and food taken, the body becomes fully rejuvenated for a healthy year ahead.


Karkidakam Health Practices – Karkkidaka Marunnukanji Churnam

Karkidaka Kanji is a medicinal rice soup is a traditional item of Kerala during the rainy days. This tasty dish has a special effect in warding off the monsoon fevers.Ayurvedic branch of medicine based on tridoshas (three humours –vaata, pitha and kapha) believe that due to the peculiar climatic conditions of Karkidakam.
(A) all the three body humours vitiate in the body and may give rise to serious malefices if not taken care of
(B) In  addition it is also the month of least perspiration :
These two factors collectively make it necessary and desirable for treatment (Karkidaka Chikithsa) which is primarily aimed at preventing the corruption of tri-doshas and enhancing the immunity. Several traditional health recommendations and practices exist for this month.

Karkidaka Kanji –  a medicinal rice soup or porridge 

Karkidaka Kanji, Oushadha Kanji is one of a unique medicinal porridge traditionally popular in the South Indian state of Kerala during the rainy season.   The food taken should be suitable for easy digestion and hence boiled food prefered. The cereals (rice and wheat) , pulses (Cherupayar, Uzhunnu, Muthira)   and spices (pepper, cumin/Jeerakam , ginger etc) that promote  digestion are recommended for regular consumption.

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(2) Only boiled warm water is recommended traditionally and additives such as cumin , dry ginger, thippalli and cardamom (elakka) are encouraged.

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(3) Walking bare foot is discouraged , use of Chatri (umbrella) to protect oneself from direct rain and sunlight, fumigation of rooms/surroundings at dusk.

(4) Spiritual readings that induce moral thoughts are suggested for better mental health.

(5) In addition a special dietary regimen (Karkidaka- kanji-herbal rice gruel) is generally recommended on empty stomach in the morning or as dinner, or both times if possible, for a minimum of 7 days or as multiples of 7 till 28 days during this month.

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