Karpooram or Camphor A Natural Fragrant Analgesic


Karpooram(കർപ്പൂരം) or Camphor(Kapur/Kapoor)

Karpooram(കർപ്പൂരം or Kapur/Kapoor) or Camphor is a flammable waxy white crystalline solid with strong fragrant.

Karpooram - Camphor - synthetically made from www.NatureLoC.com

Karpooram – Camphor – synthetically made from www.NatureLoC.com

Its chemical formula is C10H16O.Karpooram is native to southern islands of Japan and Taiwan.This is also found in China.Now the tree is cultivated in many countries including India.This is extracted from the leaves and bark of the tree.The bark is rough and it is greyish-brown in colour.The plant contains small flowers.Which is yellow and white in colour.It is scientifically known as Cinnamomum camphora.Camphor (കർപ്പൂരം)is an evergreen huge plant.It has wide spreading branches.The stem of the plant is thick and rough.The fruit of the plant is clustered and it is black in colour.It grows up to a height of 50-500 feet.This grows in the temperate climate.

There are two types of camphor one is used in Poojas.This is made artificially or synthetically from chemicals such as turpentine.The edible Karpooram (കർപ്പൂരം)is used in dishes to enhance the flavour ,taste and smell of the food.The Karpooram used poojas is different from used for medicinal purposes.This can be considered as a coolant and can be used for Kapha Doshas and can use to prevent cholesterol and fat level.Karpooram (കർപ്പൂരം)is available in different forms such as white, yellow and brown.In which white is the only one used for medicinal purposes.The other two are toxic.

Karpooram (കർപ്പൂരം)or camphor as an Analgesic

Karpooram can be used as an external remedy for pain relievers.Here we use the natural Camphor not synthetic.This is used for pain relief from bruises, wounds, inflammation, gout and rheumatic joints.Nowadays Karpooram(കർപ്പൂരം) is used in ointments and creams for rheumatic pain, neuralgia, arthritis, sore muscles, sprains, bruises and bruises.It is used in the products for pain relief and cold such as Vicks VapoRub.


This can be used as a pain relief for sores on the skin and insects bites.For this Karpooram is can be used as the rub or it can be directly applied to the skin.It is used for small burns and also to remove the scars due to the burns.

Karpooram (കർപ്പൂരം)oil is used to relieve pain.It is mainly used in back pain.And this is useful for pain and inflammations in muscles.This is used traditionally for cold and related problems.This is used for the relief of chest congestion during cold.

The Camphor oil can produce a cooling effect when it is applied on the skin.This is due to the stimulation of nerve endings sensitive to cold.The Karpooram activates some of the TRP(Transient Receptor Potential).This produces warm sensation, excitation and desensitisation of sensory nerves.Thus relieves the pain when it is applied to the affected area.

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Other Medicinal uses of Karpooram (കർപ്പൂരം)or Camphor


  • For Cough and Cold:- Karpooram is used as a traditional medicine for Cough and Cold.For this boil Karpooram with water for ten minutes.Then inhale the vapour.This can reduce  Cough and Cold effectively.
  • Anti-Microbial/Anti-Fungal activity:-This can be used for fungal infections in the nail.Water and Karpooram mix can be applied to the affected areas.
  • Improves the Digestive System:- Karpooram (കർപ്പൂരം)can stimulate many enzymes which help in the proper functioning of the digestive system.
  • For skin Itching:- For the treatment of skin itching ,use Karpooram on the affected areas.
  • For Acne:- Karpooram can reduce the scars caused by acne.
  • Heel Cracks:- For this soak your feet in the solution of Karpooram and Water.After that scrub the feet.The apply any moisturising cream on it.
  • For Asthma: The odour of Karpooram (കർപ്പൂരം)can give relief from Asthma.The irregular inhalation can reduce respiratory problems.


Side Effects of Karpooram (കർപ്പൂരം)or Camphor

  • Even the slight overdose of Karpooram can affect the body severely.The overdose may cause poisoning, vomiting, and drop in body temperature.
  • Keep this away from children and Pregnant or Breastfeeding women should not use this.
  • This may cause Rashes and Allergy in some people.
  • Use it only with caution.



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