Kitchen-Knives-Different types and uses-Knife Knowledge

Kitchen-Knives-Different types and uses-Knife Knowledge

Kitchen-Knives basis.  Learning to care for your kitchen knives.A kitchen knive is deceptive. It’s simple, yet powerful. And the actual cutting edge, the source of its power, is barely visible to the human eye. Maybe that’s why it’s so easy to take it for granted. But resist that urge. Because just a modicum of knowledge can help you learn the best way to maintain your kitchen knives and keep them sharp.

A kitchen knife is any knife that is intended to be used in food preparation. While much of this work can be accomplished with a few general-purpose knives – notably a large chef’s knife, a tough cleaver, and a small paring knife – there are also many specialized knives that are designed for specific tasks. Kitchen knives can be made from several different materials.

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Types of Kitchen-Knives

A wide array of knives is available to suit specific functions; you should decide to purchase a special knife only after evaluating whether your work requires it.

A. Chef’s Knife – A cook’s knife

Chef’s Knife also called a cook’s knife, this all-purpose kitchen knife is used for most types of chopping, dicing, mincing, and slicing.This all-purpose knife is the most often used item in any knife kit. The heft, weight, and balance of this knife allow it to be used for heavy-duty work with thicker cuts of vegetables, fruits and meats. It is designed and manufactured for wide-ranging general use in the kitchen.  Chefs kitchen knives the blade is shaped and worked so that it can peel and trim, slice,chop, mince, fillet fish, and fabricate meats and poultry. The blade typically ranges from 8-12” in length and about 1 ½ – 2” wide at the heel or bolster.

A good-quality chef’s knife should be well-balanced,with the weight of the blade equaled by the weight of the handle.


B.Utility-Knife – Smaller version knife


This smaller version of the knife is used for light cutting, slicing,and peeling chores. The blade is shorter than a chef’s knife and also thinner and lighter; making it useful for slicing smaller items, such as tomatoes.

C.Paring Knife -Granny knife.


The second most-often-used kitchen knives. The knife, used primarily for paring and trimming vegetables and fruits, has a 2-4” blade. Some blades taper to a point, others have a curve or bend at the tip, sometimes referred to as a Granny knife.

D.Boning Knife


Used to separate raw meat from the bone. The blade is thinner and shorter than the blade of a chef’s knife – about 6” long – and is usually rigid. Some boning knives have an upward curve; others are straight. The blade is narrower than a chef’s knife blade to make it easier to work around bones, muscle groups, and under gristle and silverskin.

E.Filleting Knife

Specifically designed for filleting fish, this knife is similar in shape and size to a boning knife, but has a more flexible blade. This permits you to separate the delicate flesh of a fish from the bones easily, with little loss of edible fish.


F.Slicer and G.Cleaver -Kitchen-Knives

This knife is used for slicing cooked meat. They have long, narrow blades in order to make smooth slices in a single stroke. The type of edge ( taper ground or fluted) on the blade is designed to make a particular food easier to slice. Some blades are quite flexible and others are rigid, their selection is governed by the character of the item being sliced.



Used for chopping, the cleaver is often heavy enough to cut through bones. It has a rectangular blade and varies in size according to its use.Japanese – or Chinese-style cleavers are used for the same applications as a chef’s knife – to slice, chop,trim, dice, disjoint birds and rabbits, fillet and portion fish, and so forth. These cleavers usually have a single-sided edge.

H. Scimitar

The long curved blade of a scimitar makes it well-suited to the slicing action required to cut through large cuts of raw meat when portioning them into steaks, cutlets, or medallions. The blade can range in length from 12-16”.

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