Spices in health giving and anti disease role

Spices and herbs  – superfood with mythical medicinal power

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Spices are pungent or aromatic substances from dried seeds,fruits,roots,bark or leaves used as additives to flavour, colour or preserve food: the differences with dried herbs used for flavouring is somewhat arbitrary. In India,many of these spices are part of everyday cooking and significant quantities may be consumed in a single meal.There is a widespread research effort in India to define the potential health benefits of herbal medicines,including spices and identify the active ingredients,especially compounds with anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.Many spices have satisfactory to excellent beneficial effect on these considerations.

Spices in health giving and anti disease role

Curcumin present in Turmeric – Cancer Preventing Properties- Turmeric and its health benefits from nature


Natural turmeric for better health – manjal

Research studies in India have shown that curcumin present in turmeric has cancer preventing properties.  This conclusion was obtained when tested against recognized environmental mutagents like cigarette smoke condensate,tobacco extracts and standard biochemicals.  Curcumin at conveniently consumable dosage can be an effective antidote to genotoxicity of tobacco derived mutagents. Curcumin consumption  to slow down cancer of breast,prostate lung and colon. Anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial action of turmeric and its extract are already well known.Very recently studies and report reveals it is beneficial effect of consumption of Curcumin of turmeric to combat Alzheimer’s disease.

Ginger – The spice with a healing touch – In Indian Medicine

Ginger and its medicinal qualities



In Indian medicine system,ginger’s extracts are used as carminative stimulant in gastro-intestinal tract and digestive.Ginger can help cancer patients to avoid nausea indeed by chemotherapy.

Fenugreek seeds Methi Leaves bitter marvels

Researches and experiments done with diabetic patients show usefulness in lowering blood glucose level and controlling diabetes.

Lemon grass and galangal used as a spice in Asia increase the anti-cancer property of enzymes like glutatheone,

S-transferase.  Asafoetida is sued for treatment of chronic bronchitis and whooping cough in Indian traditional medicine.

Capsicum (Bell Pepper-Paprika)-Beautifully shaped,glossy and crunchy vegetable. Chillies as food,spice and medicine – whole lot of fragrance and flavour to Indian cuisine

mixed-capsicum wide varities of red peppers


Capsaicin in chilli is used as counter-irritant in pharmaceutical and cosmetic preparations, like pain balm,linaments,special sticking plasters,vapo-rubs,prickly heat powder etc. Capsaicin is a carminative and tonic.  All capsicums are rich Vitamin A,c and E

Most hot pungent active principles of spices are both antioxidant and mildly anti-microbial.  High dosage of hot spices in food help in preservation from rancidity and infection perspective.


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