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Mallercise – A new concept – If You Don’t Like Exercise Try Mallercise

Mallercise – A new concept For people who find working out in the gym a tedious task that takes up a lot of energy after a hectic day at work,“mallercise’ is a new concept that is fast picking up pace.  The word mallercise means nothing but walking while you are doing window shopping at a mall.  A crazy fad that’s very popular in the U.S.A,it is slowly making its way into India as well.

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Mallercise Great Way To Be Fit

So,if you prefer retail therapy over hitting the gym regularly,but still aspire to stay fit and healthy,the benefits mall exercise can offer you e limitless.  The idea to to take a walk in the long passages of the malls while you are shopping,without the use of elevators and escalators.  Also,indoor walking is safer compared to walking outdoors,as there is no fear of unwanted traffic or unpredictable weather conditions







During window shopping is the best way to perform mallercise.  While you window shop,make it a point to visit each and every shop. Using stairs rather than elevators will provide some movements to your thighs,making them flexible.  It is pocket-friendly because just 30 minutes of walk in the mall helps you burn 150 to 200 calories which is a great achievement if you want to reduce.

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This method of fitness is great,not just for youngsters but also for middle aged people as well as for senior citizens.  You can form a group and walk together,or walk alone.  Here are some interesting facts that may inspire more people to take to mall walking as their fitness regime.

 Advantages of mallercise walking

  • To mall walk you don’t need the aid of a trained professional or fancy equipment.  All you need is comfortable walking shoes to help you walk faster.
  • Mall walking welcomes all generations actively as this is a kind of exercise even older people can follow.  Walking is the best exercise for senior citizens and it will help them stay  fit.  Walking also helps control blood pressure.
  • Youngsters should always use steps to go up and down as this will help in the movement of their hips,thus making them flexible.  They should also avoid the use of elevators and escalators
  • Depending on the size of the mall you can plan the distances you want to cover.  Malls have options like benches and washrooms in case you feel tired and want to rest.
  • Even if you walk for 30 to 40 minutes you can burn a lot calories
  • If you are going to a mall, you are bound to eat a lot of junk food,hence if you want to reduce,you should walk as it will help burn the calories.
  • When you walk in mall, you can even do both brisk walking and walk slowly.  Once your body gets attuned to walking,you can gradually increase you speed.
  • As the mall is centrally air conditioner,you may not sweat but the constant movement of your hands and legs will definitely help you in your exercise.
  • Unlike a gym you don’t have any king of routine to follow in mall walking but the only thing you need to do is wear something comfortable while walking.
  • Wear comfortable shoes so that you can walk properly.  If you have no time to do cardio exercises,you can always consider mall exercise as an option to stay fit.  Walk for around 30 minutes while shopping and it will help burn your calories

As far as fitness is concerned , mallercise is definitely going to attract many  working-class communities who due to their busy schedule don’t really get time to go to the gym or for a jog.  However,there are also a few disadvantages associated with mall walking  Read NatureLoC next article -Disadvantages of Mallercise
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