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Nativity Set Crib Sets What is Nativity scene?

Nativity Set Crib Sets A nativity scene (also known as a manger scene, crib, crèche (/krɛʃ/or /kreɪʃ/, or in Italian presepio or presepe) is the special exhibition, particularly during the Christmas season, of art objects representing the birth of Jesus.While the term “nativity scene” may be used of any representation of the very common subject of the Nativity of Jesus in art, it has a more specialized sense referring to seasonal displays, either using model figures in a setting or reenactments called “living nativity scenes” (tableau vivant ) in which real humans and animals participate. Nativity scenes exhibit figures representing the infant Jesus, his mother, Mary, and her husband, Joseph.


Who are the characters in the nativity scene? Xmas crib set

  • Traditionally however, these are the characters in the nativity scene.
  • Jesus.
  • Mary-Mother.
  • Joseph-Father.
  • Shepherds-Who had been nearby watching their flock.
  • Magi or Wisemen-Visitors from the East.
  • Angel or Angels-Also known as heavenly hosts.

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Origins and early history of nativity scene.

  • Saint Francis of Assisi is credited with creating the first nativity scene in 1223 at Greccio, central Italy, in an attempt to place the emphasis of Christmas upon the worship of Christ rather than upon secular materialism and gift giving.
  • The nativity scene created by Francis is described by Saint Bonaventure in his Life of Saint Francis of Assisi written around 1260. Staged in a cave near Greccio,
  • Saint Francis’ nativity scene was a living one with humans and animals cast in the Biblical roles.
  • Pope Honorius III gave his blessing to the exhibit.

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