Neelayamari or Neelamari in Haircare

Neelayamari or Neelamari in Haircare

Neelayamari is a climber with purplish blue flowers and shiny yellowish red seeds in pods. Shrubs with imparipinnate leaves, cylindrical pods containing 6-12, finely pitted, shiny, yellowish to reddish-brown seeds. Neelyamari  is used mainly for the treatment of hair.

Neelamari or neela amari ayurvedic remedy for premature greying hair

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Apply oil prepare with Neela with Neelamari or  Neela amari on the head before your daily bath. It is an anti-graying agent, stops hair falling and fights dandruff. Its leaves are important in medicine and form a major ingredient of preparation of hair oil like Nilibhringathi’

Neela Amari (Indigo ferra Tinctora) -Ayurvedic Medicinal Herbs

The leaves contain indican that produces the famed blue dye. The leaves are boiled and fermented for the production of the dye. Neelamari has been used by practitioners of Ayurveda as an effective medicine against several diseases, but the chief use has been as an antidote for poisons.

Neelamari combined with the red sandalwood is effective against blackheads and acne.Its paste is applied to prevent burns and wounds

Neela Amari leaf and root extracts to cure indigestion

Neelamri leaf and root extracts paste applied to the lower abdomen helps with difficulty in urination and also used to treat whooping cough,fever and asthma

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