Njavara Rice or Navara Rice (Njavara Ari)

Njavara Rice or Navara Rice (Njavara Ari) – Unique grain plant  indigenous to Kerala

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Rice has been used as a medicine by traditional healers from time immemorial. Kerala has an immense wealth of medicinal rice cultivars. Among the various medicinal rices, Njavara is a unique grain plant in the Oryza genus indigenous to Kerala, widely used in the Ayurvedic system of medicine, especially in Panchakarma treatment.Documents show that it has been under cultivation in Kerala  for about 2500 years since the time of Susruta. Njavara rice,with a distinct gene pool and medicinal properties, can be exploited as nutraceutical rice (Sulochana and Bakiyalakshmi, 2011).

Over the last few decades, the Njavara rice chain has changed as new actors have entered the system, and there has been a change in consumption patterns. An understanding of these changes is essential in order to properly assess the value of this rice in economic, cultural,and biological terms. The various actors in the Njavara chain were interviewed and asked about the current system, how it has changed, and why it has changed from the traditional Njavara system. Preserving Njavara is valuable for the medicinal, economic, and economic value it provides for the people associated with this rice. An understanding of how this rice system has changed provides valuable lessons on for conservation that can also be applied to other crops elsewhere.

Uses for Njavara Rice or Navara Rice (Njavara Ari)

Navara has been used traditionally to remedy the ills of the respiratory,circulatory,digestive and nervous systems in the panchakarma treatment of Ayurveda.  Navarakizhi and Navaratheppu are the two major treatments in Ayurveda for conditions such as  arthritis,paralysis,neurological disorders,degeneration of muscles and tuberculosis .  When the respondents were asked about the uses for Njavara, said that the main use for the rice was for its medicinal properties. The various uses are Njavara kizhi,Karkidaka kanji ,Regular consumption,Baby food

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