Nutrient rich foods that improve your immunity

Nutrient rich foods that improve your immunity

Nuts, seeds,berries ,broccoli ,  etc were long been used for making multiple dishes. Nutrionists  are now looking for new nutrient rich ingredients for making various recipes which could contribute towards an immune body and promote wellness. So have a look at some of the nutrient rich raw materials like


treat your taste buds with superfoods

Banana flour – Complete Natural Food

banana flour health benefits

Made from dried green bananas,this starch resistant,variety can be a gluten free substitute for wheat flour.  Banana flour does not retain the typical banana taste,and is good for digestion.  It can also be ued to make chapatis or bake cakes and brownies

Coconut flakes –  Sweetened Coconut Flakes

coconut flakes for better health

Rich in dietary fiber, protein and minerals,unsweetened coconut flakes can add a tasty surprise to your bowl of salad or oatmeal.  This new superfood promises clear skin,lustrous hair and a slim physique. Eating your Unsweetened coconut flakes with a food rich in vitamin C,can help you absorb more of the iron in the flakes.

Black rice – Highly nutritious


A spoonful of black (or purple) rice bran is healthier than a portion of blueberries.  Known for its cancer fighting properties, black rise is also good for your heart.  Add it to your morning cereals for a healthy breakfast

Goji berries – Pure healing foods

goji_berry health benefits

Eaten raw,cooked,or dried, goji berries are another power-up snack.  The super foo berries are said to work wonders on the skin and har and have also been a huge part of ancient chinese medicine.  They are anti inflammatory and anti bacterial and can be added to your breakfast muesli

Dandelion greens – cleansing leaf

dandelion-greens leaf health beneifits

Don’t ditch dandelion greens because of its slightly bitter taste.  This leafy superfood can help detoxify your liver, improve digestion and even cuts the risk of cancer.  It contains a hst of vitamins,fibre,calcium and iron