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Orange Juice Benefits – Why You Must Drink Fresh Orange Juice

Orange Juice Benefits

Orange Juice Benefits

A glass of fresh orange juice is just an instant mood and energy booster. Orange juice is tarty, delicious and delightful to have one. You can pair it with breakfast or even during hard gym sessions. Many of us like to store this delicious juice in some glass tumbler and keep sipping it throughout the day. In addition to being a refreshing drink, orange juice has many health benefits. A glass of orange juice contains pack of vitamins, nutrients and vital minerals.

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It is tarty, it is delicious and ever-so delightful, a glass of fresh orange juice is an instant mood and energy booster. You can pair it with your breakfast or have it after a gruelling gym session. Many of us also like to store some in a tumbler and keep sipping into it through the day. In addition to being a refreshing drink, orange juice is a bundle of vitamins, nutrients and essential minerals. No wonder, it is such a favourite among the health and fitness enthusiasts. Since it is not bitter or too sweet, a glass of fresh orange juice is more likely to find more takers than perhaps a bitter gourd or amla juice.

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If you are an orange juice fan too, you must know all these amazing benefits. And, if you are not, these benefits will surely compel you to add a glass to your daily diet. Read furthermore to know the 6 Orange Juice Benefits:

6 Orange Juice Benefits You Must Know

1. Boosts Immunity

Orange juice is packed with vitamin C, which helps boost your immunity and keep you protected from cold, flu and other inflammatory diseases. Your immunity system, skin health and digestive system become vulnerable during winters. Vitamin C in orange ups the resistance against certain pathogens while giving a boost to the immunity system. Topical application and intake of orange is said to nourish your skin making it look healthier.

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2. Improves Skin Health

Drinking orange juice daily could do wonders for your skin. Orange juice is oozing with antioxidants, most significantly vitamin C, which plays a crucial role in fighting free radical activity. Free radical activity could make your skin dull and also promote wrinkles and ageing. The abundant quantum of vitamin C present in orange juice could help give you a youthful and radiant skin.

They are an excellent source of vitamin C. An orange offers 116.2% of the daily value of vitamin C. Good intake of vitamin C is associated with a reduced risk of colon cancer as it helps to get of free radicals that cause damage to our DNA. Furthermore, antioxidants in oranges help protect skin from free radical damage known to cause signs of ageing.

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3. Promotes Weight Loss

Orange juice is incredibly low in calories and has zero fat, which makes it an excellent option if you are looking towards shedding that extra kilo or two. However, nutritionists often advise eating a whole orange over juicing one. Juicing an orange may cost a good amount of weight loss friendly fibres. Consuming a whole orange would help retain fibres, which help make you feel full for loner time. When you feel full you would naturally binge less.

Orange is a rich source of fibre, which is said to not just promote weight loss, but also improve digestive health. Soluble fibre keeps you fuller for long, thereby, preventing hunger pangs and overeating. This may further lead to less calorie intake, furthermore helps in weight loss. Fibre also tends to add bulk to the stool, helping promote good digestive health. So, even if you like drinking orange juice, make sure you don’t discard its pulp. Most of the fibre is present in the orange pulp.

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Orange Juice Benefits

4. Strengthen Bones

It is a known fact that the calcium content in orange is legendary, which is incredible for your bone health. But, did you also know that orange is also profuse with flavonoids like naringenin and hesperidin, which are anti-inflammatory in nature and can help relieve arthritis pain.

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5. Treat Kidney Stones

Oranges have high concentration of citrate, meaning drinking orange juice can help breakdown calcium oxalate stone formation and induce relief from the pain occurring due to kidney stones. It is the citrate deficiency in urine that may cause kidney stones. Citrate is citric acid that is generally found in citrus fruits like orange. A glassful of orange juice is generally recommended to patients with small kidney stones. Furthermore, orange juice can up the levels of citrate in your urine, further reducing the chances of formation of kidney stones.

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6. Protects Heart Health

Orange contains hesperidin, which can reduce symptoms of hypertension. Pectin (fibre) & liminoid compounds found in oranges can slow down hardening of arteries and can also reduce the bad cholesterol levels in the blood. Eating citrus fruits, especially oranges and grapefruits, may help lower stroke risk. It is believed that the flavonoids in oranges provide protection against heart diseases. The benefits include improved blood vessel function & anti-inflammatory effect on the body.

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Orange Juice Benefits – How To Make Orange Juice – Orange Juice Recipe

IngredientsOrange Juice Benefits

  • Oranges (medium) – 7
  • Lemon juice (optional) – 1 tbsp
  • Sugar / Honey / Jaggery as required – (optional)


  1. Peel oranges and add it in a blender.
  2. Add 1 tbsp lemon juice to this.
  3. Blend it in low-medium speed until mixture turns pulpy and oranges are finely crushed.
  4. Avoid blending too much as we just need to crush the segments and not the seeds.
  5. Pour orange juice in a bowl keeping a juice strainer.
  6. Strain the orange juice with the help of a spoon, by pressing and moving the spoon.
  7. Add sugar/honey/jaggery to the orange juice and mix well.
  8. Pour orange juice in a glass and serve.

Orange Juice Benefits:- Nutritionists and health experts recommends to drink a glass of orange juice at home. Moreover, you can ensure that it is fresh and made with good quality oranges. Packaged juices that you find in markets are often injected with lots of sugar, which is not good for your blood sugar levels. If you are a diabetic, it is always advised to consult an expert to check how many glasses of orange juice you can have in a day.

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