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Potato Juice Haircare Remedies DIY At Home You Must Never Miss Out

Potato Juice Haircare Remedies

Potato Juice Haircare Remedies

Everybody loves to grow their hair long, strong and healthy! But its not that easy as it sounds. The factors which can ruin the quality of your hair are genetics, unhealthy lifestyle, bad eating habits, hard water, exposure to dust, pollution and chemicals are a few to be named. We all spend lots on thousands of hair care products which barely do any good. But we failed to notice that, our kitchen is a storehouse of natural remedies that work like magic and cost us zero bucks! Some of these ingredients, readily available across most home kitchens, not only make your hair healthy but also help them grow longer. One such ingredient is our very own staple vegetable; potato. The juice of this vegetable is a potent elixir for hair-growth.

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How potato juice can offer to our hair and help them grow longer? Read further more to find out.

Potato Juice Haircare Remedies

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Potato Juice Haircare Remedies – For Hair Growth

  1. Potato juice is one of the most natural and cheap ways to stimulate hair growth. Using potato juice is a completely natural remedy that works for most people, rather than using processed products which contains chemicals.
  2. It consists of various vital vitamins that increases oxygen levels, which work to repair and restore collagen. An improved collagen can then help better growth of hair.
  3. Massage your scalp with potato juice which helps to activate healthy scalp cells, furthermore encouraging hair growth.
  4. Excess oily hair can cause hair breakage. The high amount of starch present in potato juice can extract all the excess oil present in the scalp and follicles, allowing them to grow properly.
  5. Dryness in the scalp can cause dandruff, which can lead to hair-thinning and breakage. Potato juice mixed with lemon juice is a potent solution for the dryness for healthy growth.
  6. If you are having hair loss, then potato juice helps treat it. It binds with oxygen and works on weak roots, furthermore strengthening their grip.

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Potato Juice Haircare Remedies

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Potato Juice Haircare Remedies – How To Use

Now that you know about the nourishing properties of potato juice for your hair, it’s time to find out how you use and incorporate this beauty potion to get long and healthy hair. All you need to do is to apply potato juice on your scalp and hair properly.

  1. Take some potato juice, apply it on your hair and scalp.
  2. Massage them with your fingertips for about 15 mins.
  3. Massaging your scalp helps for better blood circulation, furthermore helping hair growth.
  4. Rinse hair with lukewarm water and pat dry.
  5. Repeat this process for 3 times a month and see effective results.

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Potato Juice Haircare Remedies DIY At Home

  • Wash the potatoes thoroughly.
  • Now peel and grate them.
  • Take the grated potatoes in your hand and squeeze all the juice out of them. Use the juice immediately.
  • Another way to take out juice is to cut the potato into pieces and blend them into a juicer.
  • Take a muslin cloth and strain the pulp and apply the juice on your hair and scalp.

Bring this natural remedy to use and achieve long and healthy hair without spending huge amounts on processed products.

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