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Puttu (Steamed) – Chiratta Puttu – Culinary Speciality in Kerala

Puttu (Steamed) is a culinary specialty in Kerala.  Cylindrical in shape, prepared for both breakfast and dinner.  It is also popular in certain areas of Srilanka and Tamil Nadu.

Puttu (Steamed) Puttu Kutty (Puttu Maker)

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Bamboo Puttu Kudam is one of a traditionally used cookware made of bamboo and used to cook food with the use of steam. It can be kept above the boiler (steamer, cooker) so that the food gets cooked from the hot steam. Steaming enables food materials to keep their natural flavour, colour, shape, and nutritious value better than boiling and simmering

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Puttu or Steamed flour cake can be prepared using rice flour, wheat flour, ragi (horse gram), oats or couscous. Among these, Ari puttu or Steamed rice flour cake is the most extensively prepared Puttu recipe.The soft and fluffy nature of puttu depends on the moisture of the flour. The use of freshly grated coconut adds up the taste. Puttu is usually cooked in a Puttu kutti or a steamer in cylindrical or dome shape. The lower section of the vessel contains the water and the upper cylindrical portion holds the moisturized flour inserted with the layers of grated coconut.

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Chiratta Puttu

Chiratta puttu is a variant where the steaming is done on a coconut shell or its metal replica  in modern times.  Puttu is made by steaming moisturized roasted rice powder and grated coconut.  Puttu is served with various dishes like papadam,Kerala yellow plantain chicken curry kadala curry etc..,

Irachi puttu with rice flour and beef/chicken – Cooking Recipes

Puttu (Steamed)

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