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Ramacham bed – Vetiver Mattress – The poor man’s air conditioner

Ramacham bed – Vetiver Mattress – The poor man’s air conditioner

Ramacham bed – Vetiver Mattress stuffed  with roots of ramacham is set to have certain healing power.  Ramacham is known for its perfumery and healing value since ancient times. Khus roots or ramacham bed its fragrance is deep,cool and mysterious. The prime and important feature of ramacham bed is its cleansing and cooling capabilities.

Ramacham (Vetiver) – Medicinal herb with a supernatural fragrance

Ramacham (Vetiver) bed impact and influence – Health benefits

Ramacham (Vetiver) bed impact and influence - Health benefits

A sense of comfort, vitalized mood and charisma in every moment of your life. Ramacham  ( khus roots bed) keeps the body cool by controlling temperature of the body within natural limits. Balances the blood circulation. Ensures peaceful sound sleep. It support us in our over sensitivity, nervous debility and stress.

Vetiver  mattress is an excellent to improve blood circulation,tiredness and to relieve back pain.Because of its healing power  it is used for patients suffering with arthritis.  This Vetiver mild prickly acupressure effect stimulates relaxation as the nerves get stimulated

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Ramacham Scrubber – Natural care for your natural skin

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Vetiver,  Khus root scrubber soak in water for 10 minutes and after use keep it dry.  This herbal hand made scrubber covers with vetiver roots,fully hand woven 100% natural.  Its cooling effects relax the entire body, gently relieving tension. Regular use will help keep the skin smooth, soft and radiant.

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Healing effect of  vetiver essential oil

Vetiver essential oil helps in the formation of new tissue is used so as to accelerate the healing and recovery of skin wounds as well to remove stains, marks on the skin and the scars themselves. Also we used to repair the cracks and grooves in the skin caused by different circumstances such as pregnancy,diets, allergies, burns.

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