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Ramacham Scrubber – Natural care for your natural skin

Ramacham Scrubber  – Natural care for your natural skin (Vetiver roots scrubber)

Ramacham Scrubber bath scrubbers made from the roots of vetiver grass.  Ramacham scrubber fully hand woven and reusable for several times .100% natural ,anti bacterial and it helps normalize oily skin and clear acne. Ramacham or vetiver falls under the category of perennial grass variety which belongs to the Poaceae family. In western and northern parts of India, it is known by the name ‘Khus’. The grass has tall stem and long, thin and rigid leaves. Brownish-purple colored flowers are another peculiar feature of these plants. Unlike other grass varieties which have a horizontal root system, Ramacham or vetiver has a downward root system which grows up to a depth of 4m

Water boiled with these dried roots is commonly used as a herbal drinking water. This is believed to be good for vigour and vitality. Arthritis patients make use of these dried roots in stuffing the bed as it is known to have certain healing power.

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Ramacham Scrubber , Vetiver, Khus Roots – Ramacham Herbal bath scrubber -How to use?

Vetiver,  Khus root scrubber soak in water for 10 minutes and after use keep it dry.  This herbal hand made scrubber covers with vetiver roots,fully hand woven 100% natural.  Its cooling effects relax the entire body, gently relieving tension. Regular use will help keep the skin smooth, soft and radiant.It is a natural, non-invasive ayurvedic medicinal plant with a deep penetrating fibrous roots. It has a very pleasant fragrance and is traditionally thought to be beneficial for good circulation and to relieve tension. Vetiver is also a natural antiseptic

Where do we get ramacham roots  and ramacham herbal bath scrubber?

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