Ramacham (Vetiver)-smoothens and regenerate the skin

Ramacham (Vetiver)-smoothens and regenerate the skin

What is vetiver oil good for? What are the benefits of Vetiver or ramacham roots? These roots are good skin exfoliate. It is also an antiseptic and is very effective in preventing acne. It doesn’t strip the skin of the natural oils unlike caustic soaps and regular use prevents blackheads. Ramacham (Vetiver)-smoothens and regenerate the skin.

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Ramacham  Scientific classification of Khusroots

  • Kingdom:Plantae
  • Clade:Angiosperms
  • Clade:Monocots
  • Clade:Commelinids
  • Order:Poales
  • Family:Poaceae
  • Genus:Chrysopogon
  • Species:C. zizanioides
  • Binomial name
    Chrysopogon zizanioides (L.) Roberty

What are the different uses of Khusroots ?

  • It is a tall grass which produces spongy root system.
  • Roots are used for making medicated drinking water.
  • The plant helps to stabilise soil and protects it against erosion

Naturally Grown Ramacham roots pure and gentle exfoliator to keep skin smooth and regenerative along with its subtle aroma.

From the roots, oil is extracted and used for cosmetics, aromatherapy, herbal skincare and ayurvedic soap. Due to its fibrous properties, the plant can also be used for handicrafts ropes and more.

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Ramacham root for making medicated drinking water.

Ramacham Scrubbers :-This vetiver bath scrub will smell fresh even after many use, Because all the essential oil of vetiver root is intact.

Ramacham (Vetiver)-smoothens and regenerate the skin

How to use ramacham scrubber?

  • The scrubber can be used for more than a month.
  • Soaking the vetiver scrubber for a minute in water before bath makes it soft and is mild on skin.
  • After every use squeeze and dry it well.

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