Salt – An indispensable ingredient in all cooked food

Salt is in an indispensable ingredient in all cooked food,except desserts,of course.  It is essential to impart flavour to food,and is also used as a preservative.  be it hot and spicy North Indian Cuisine,or West Indian cuisine that imbibes a touch of sweetness in all its dishes,the famous dosa and idly of South India, or the delicious food of East India,it is the one common ingredient in all these cuisines

The element of sodium binds with chlorine to form sodium chloride,or what is commonly known as a ‘table salt’.  The American heart Association recommends we limit our sodium intake to not more than 2,300 mg per day for the general population and 1,500 mg per day for hypertensive individuals. We can easy get the required amount of sodium from food.  In fact, we end  up eating more salt than we require because of increased consumption of processed and packaged foods which is loaded with sodium.

Different kinds of salt

There are 3 kinds of saltuppu available in the market

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Comparing seasalt with table-salt is similar to comparing sugarcane juice with sugar.  You will always hear doctors and nutritionists encouraging you to have sugarcane juice but avoid sugar.  This is because sugarcane juice is not processed and retains most of nutrients but when it is processed to obtain sugar,all these nutrients are lost.

S0dium is rich in sodium and also contains magnesium ad potassium.  magnesium and potassium work hand in hand with sodium to maintain the water balance in the body.

But nowadays,due to the increased availability and consumption of processed,packaged and canned foods in the market,one’s sodium intake can be excess of what is needed

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