Soup Diet – Your complete diet plan

A fad called cabbage soup diet -The King of All Fad Diets

As long as there are those who spent sleepless nights on their weight,there are going to be all kinds of fad diets.  The latest being the cabbage soup diet.  A seven day low-fat,high-fiber diet, it entails having cabbage soup throughout the day,and as many times as one wishes to.  But as opposed to its name,the diet does not comprise only having cabbage soup and salad,and that is exactly where many people falter.

The cabbage soup diet chart

Day 1: Except bananas,eat as many fruits as you wish to.  You can even have sugar free black tea,black coffee and cranberry juice.


Day 2 : You can consume leafy vegetables that are rich in fibre,minus fruits.  They can b  boiled or eaten raw.  With the soup,you can go for some baked sweet potato or simply potato

Leafy-Green-Vegetables day 2 for cabbage soup diet


Day 3 :Have as many fruits and veggies as you wish to;avoid baked potatoes and bananas


Day 4: In order to avoid the urge of consuming something sweet, you can for skimmed milk and bananas during the day and even try making a milk-shake

banana milk -fourth day of diet

Day 5:For proteins,have boiled skinless chicken or lean beef with tomatoes.  While cooking meat,stay away from using too much oil.  Vegetarians can opt for tofu,soyabean nuggets,legumes and low-fat cottage cheese to get their dose of proteins

Skinless-Chicken-Breasts- diet

Day 6 : It is protein day,again.  Depending on what you had on Day five,you can choose between any of the above mentioned food items.

basket_bread_cheese_vegetables_fruits_milk_soup diet

Day 7 : On the final day,you can have brown rice with vegetables along with cabbage soup.  Unsweetened fruit are welcome.

Cabbage soup with brown rice

Tips – Cabbage soup diet

  • Since cabbage soup can get bland and having it for an entire week could make you too bored of it,keep making varations to it with healthy additions
  • Don’t continue the diet for more than a week.  If you want to get back to the diet,take a minimum break of two weeks between the two
  • Don’t starve and don’t miss out on having the cabbage soup.  Keep eating at regular intervals
  • Have ample amount of water as it not only keeps you hydrated but also helps in washing out uric acid
  • Avoid alcohol and aerated drinks and minimise your salt intake
  • It’s not the healthiest diet to follow in the long run,as much of the weight loss occurs due to water loss and not fat loss.  Have multivitamins to displace the essential nutrients that your body might be mission out on,  It is always good to check with a professional dietician