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Sunflower Oil – A Natural oil with multiple health benefits


Sunflower oil


Sunflower oil is extracted from sunflower. Cuisines all over the world make use of sunflower oil for cooking. Major suppliers of sunflower oil are Ukraine, Russia and Argentina

It is a non – volatile oil produced from the seeds of sunflower. Due to its emollient properties sunflower oil is also used in cosmetic formulations.  It has its primary use in cooking.

Sunflower oil is healthy for consumption due to presence of various nutritious components. Linoleic acid is considered as the main component of Sunflower oil. Sunflower oil also has tocopherols, carotenoids, lecithin and adequate levels of vitamin A,D and E. It can play a key role in maintaining the balance of fatty acids in the body. Sunflower oil is known to be one of the best vegetable oil for cooking due to the presence of Vitamin E and low saturated fat.

Sunflower Oil Preparation



Warm and cold presses are used for the extraction of sunflower oil from sunflower seeds. Oils extracted through warm and cold presses exhibits slightly different flavours. Seeds are made in to small pieces. It is then run through warm or cold presses for extraction. Seeds are heated before running through warm presses. Heat reduces the viscosity of the oil and it makes the extraction easier.






It is good for skin

Sunflower oil can help to maintain a healthy skin. The external use of sunflower oil on the skin protects our skin from leashes, rashes and other disease causing pathogens. Calming and moisturizing properties of sunflower oil can make your skin infection free. Higher percentage of vitamin E present in the oil acts as an antioxidant, aids in cell regeneration and skin health.

This protects the skin from sunlight and infection causing agents. The antioxidants present in the oil may reduce scars and provides a natural glow to your skin. Sunflower oil also helps in retaining moisture, thereby protects the skin from UV radiations. It may be useful against acne, enzumes, general redness and irritation of skin.

Boosts our immune system

Sunflower oil is believed to have a healthy effect on our immune system. The antioxidants present in sunflower oil helps in boosting our immune system. It can play an important part in strengthening the membrane barriers of the skin, thereby resisting the attack of bacteria and viruses on our body.


Sunflower Plantations

Sunflower Plants

Helps to reduce Acne

Acne are caused due to the excessive production of sebum by sebaceous glands. Blockage of oil results in bacterial infection. The use of sunflower oil creates a protective layer for the skin, thereby prevents the bacteria from making a direct contact. The presence of vitamin E and essential fatty acids in the oil nourishes the facial skin. Best quality of sunflower oil is recommended for the facial use to get the desired results against acne.

Resists inflammation

Sunflower is known to have a positive effect for the fight against inflammation. Its anti-inflammatory properties are due to the presence of necessary vitamins and essential fatty acids. Inflammation can be the cause of a respiratory condition called as Asthma. The anti-inflammatory properties of sunflower oil may lower the amount and severity of asthma attacks. This oil is also recommended for the treatment of arthritis, which again is a disease caused by inflammation of joints.