Tea specials -For never ending brainstorming sesssions

Tea – Lovely way to start the day

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Drinking tea is a daily ritual for millions of people, it’s been around for thousands of years and the tea industry forms a complex network around the globe….. whether it is a dreamy escape from your routine or strong yet bitter sweet flavour to start your day,a cup of your favourite tea is sure to uplift your spirits and make you feel better if you make the right choice.  have you ever noticed how your mood determines the type of beverage you need at that time of the day?   It is the time choose the right blend…..

Flavoured Herbal teas  – When you are feeling off colour

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A variety of flavoured teas using herbs like the jasmine,lemon chamomile,mint,etc.can have a soothing effect on your body.Herbal teas can be a healthy drink choice if you stick with the well-known varieties like mint, chamomile, and fruit-flavoured infusions. These teas are basically plant parts steeped in water to give you a sugar-free and caffeine-free flavoured water drink. Using strong as well as fresh flowers,fruits,seeds or roots each of them is good for some or the other medical condition like sore throat,insomnia,digestion etc A cup of herbal tea will definitely make your feel better and get you back in action faster

Black Tea – For a strong flavour and to get your brain running

black Tea

  • Fully oxidized; leaf is reddish brown
  • Intensive rolling leads to deep flavor development
  • Diverse category, due to wide range of origin geography

With its high caffeine content black tea is stronger than any other tea, and is best when you get up with a hangover.  Besides immediately reviving your senses,it will help you kickstart your day and give you a boost which will stay through the day.

Green Tea – To calm those frayed nerves


  • Unoxidized; leaf is green without reds or browns
  • Application of heat locks in fresh, vegetal qualities
  • Flavors influenced by firing technique: dry heat or steam heat

With its natural grassy flavour,green tea is the ultimate stress buster.  A healthy option for those who want to build up their metabolism and cut fat,green tea is stimulating and yet helps keep your nerves in control

White Tea – To feel healthy

White Tea

  • Lightly oxidized; leaf is green with points of pale brown or olive
  • Harvested leaves are simply allowed to air dry
  • Named for soft down on the leaf, which adds sweet flavor

Completely opposite from black tea is the white tea,which has tea leaves plucked when they are just buds and not yet fully opened.  It has the least amount of caffeine  and contains the highest level of antioxidants.  Since  it is least processed,it has a light flavour to it

Iced Tea – When you are a feeling thirsty

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