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Turmeric: Find Out How I Whitened My Teeth Without Going To The Doctor


Turmeric (Haldi) is an important part of the Indian kitchens. Not only it gives out yellow color to your curries, rice and other dishes, but also adds a charge of healthiness. Moreover, it is used in medicinal properties, to help heal wounds, give glow to your skin, and also whiten teeth. Yes, you heard me right! Haldi helps to clean your pearls, make them shiny and whiten your teeth. It is beneficial in your oral health, so if you still haven’t tried this ingredient, then now is the right time to toss away your toothpaste in the dustbin and start using Manjal for teeth and gum.

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Can Turmeric Whiten Teeth And Strengthen The Gums ?

According to a study, it possess oral health potential; both the water and paste has been used in the Indian and Chinese traditional practices. It was used to treat minor mouth problems such as irritated gums. It’s gel supported gum and oral health, according to another study. Also had a positive effect on gingival inflammation and is beneficial for dental pain.

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It can reduce gum inflammation, due to its anti-bacterial properties and hence whitens your teeth. Mixing it with coconut oil will keep your teeth and gums clean. Coconut oil reduces plaque and fights the bacteria which is the cause for cavities and gum diseases.

How To Use Turmeric For Whitening Your Teeth ?

The best way to use is to mix with coconut oil. Mix haldi and coconut oil together. Now take a toothbrush and rub it in the mixture. Slowly start applying the mixture on your teeth and gums for about 2 mins. Rinse it well with water. Also not to worry; as manjal won’t leave a stain on your teeth.

Another way to use it is to mix with water. Mix haldi and water, and create a solution. Use this solution to rinse your teeth and gums. You can see the effective results in a day. However, check with your dentist before trying out this method, as using it daily can have certain side effects.

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