Vegetable Garden – How to make terrace vegetable garden?

Vegetable Garden – How to make terrace vegetable garden?

Vegetable Garden “Why urbanites have to grow organic food for consumption? Due to migration of people to urban areas, fertile agricultural land has been converted into houses and other infrastructures. Thus reducing the land for cultivation.

“Terrace vegetable garden gardening is a healthy hobby, not only to keep one engaged for a couple of hours in a week but it gives the pleasure of being in the midst of a growing garden.

Vegetable Garden terrace gardening gives an opportunity particularly for housewives to take a breath from the routine of running the affairs of house and smiling with flowers and fruits of their own creation. It also provides some compensation of recreating the agricultural land lost for building houses, for growing immediate household needs.

Like any other habits developing by repetition, terrace gardening can become a fruitful habit for young and old if attempts are deliberately made in the beginning. These days every thing is available at the doorstep if attempts are made earnestly.

Also called a roof garden,it is a garden that cultivates vegetables, fruits or flowers on the terrace, balconies or roof of buildings, also called as a roof garden. The kitchen garden, a standard in every Indian household, has shifted to the roof due to constraints of space, and called a terrace garden.


How to make terrace vegetable garden? Advantages: Terrace Garden

  • Serve as a horticulture therapy for refreshment and for physical health of the family.
  • Access to fresh vegetables free from toxic pesticides.
  • Helps to cut down family budget.

Planting Materials and Tools -Creating a vegetable Garden in Pots

Choose large and deep pots, avoid thin and poor quality plastic pots.The best pots are the earthen ones, 12-inch pots are best for vegetables. Bigger two feet by two-feet cement cisterns are good for fruit trees and long rectangular pots are ideal to accommodate greens

Soil – a quality potting mix  What about the soil? How much water to pour and when? What about sunlight?

“Your growing media [soil] must be a combination of sand, dry leaves and crocks [broken earthen pots]. Once you fill your pot with the mixture, pour water into it. If the water leaks out of the drainage hole, you’re pot is ready

Importance of sunlight

“You can’t grow vegetables without sunlight. Leafy greens thrive in the shade. Your vegetables may seem like they are growing swiftly in the shade but you will have no produce without sunlight, two hours of sunshine can fill up a vegetable basket

Seeds – high yielding varieties

Good quality seeds of high yielding vegetable seeds varieties . Most vegetables are reproduced by seeds. That is why it is very important to use only good seeds.All seeds must be of the same type.

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